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Hey guys! So today video is going to be a Vlog style video of me chronicling my journey with CBD Oil for my Chronic Pain. Its all here – the ups & downs. What worked and what didn’t. I made…


  1. This is currently the most viewed video on my channel. I've gotten a lot of comments on this video questioning the quality of the oils I was on, the amount I was on, why I didn't try other ways of using Medical Marijuana for my pain, and people questioning my experience of having a bad and unusual reaction to the CBD oils.
    As a result of all of this, I decided to make a separate video answering some of these questions, and I give you my thoughts on why I won't be using Medical Marijuana in the foreseeable future.
    Watch the video here –

  2. Thank you for doing this video, I suffer from severe chronic pain , RA and multiple back and neck fusions. I tried some cbd oil and also did not experience any relief. My heart goes out to you ! You are so young to be in so much pain. Prayers for you dealing with this pain.

  3. Plus mixing it the way you did is not gonna work! You got yourself way too stoned lol and you greened out. It happens to me when i dont smoke for a long time. All i do is vape some cbd and i feel better.

  4. The 1st time I smoked for my med conditions, my whole body felt like it was attacking me as well. Very uncomfortable the whole night n panic inducing. BUT, THE NEXT DAY I WOKEN UP N HOPPED OUT OF BED FOR THE 1ST TIME IN NEARLY 5 YRS!!! Did not realize it till about 5 min after I had woken up n realized my eye sight was much clearer n less inflamed. Then I realized I had hopped out of bed n noticed I had no nerve pain for the 1st time in yrs n considerable less amount of inflammation throughout my whole body. My theory is that since my muscles have been weakened from yrs of misalignment n being bed ridden that the herb was loosening n fighting the inflammation that is why I could not take it, to the point I only felt comfortable when I played down n did nothing till I fell asleep. It's been about 3 n a half yrs now n now n healthier than ever n @ this point I don't need to medicate n Lay down, but since after that 1st day I would smoke n Lay down as I could not support myself up as it was too uncomfortable due to my muscles could not hold me up @ that point. Hope this helps, good luck on ur journey n maybe u were experiencing something similar as it seems very familiar to me. Now I microdose with coconut oil canna caps. Ingesting has a more direct body effect n feeds directly onto the nerves n muscles. If u have any window of relief, use that as motivation to keep that window open linger each day by staying active. In the beginning I would just walk in the sunny heat for as long as possible, n with chiropractic. Dont give up, ur body is in a weakened state n needs work. I Also have Lyme n the less chemicals I put in my body each day, n simple natural things is what helped me. NOT BIG PHARMACY! HOPE THIS HELPED IN ANY WAY. TAKE THOSE LITTLE WINDOWS OF 5MIN OR 5HRS N DONT LET THE OTHER 19+HRS DIMINISH THAT!!!
    U posted this on my 35th bday, coincidence? Probably, but it can still be a window of some sorts. Depends on perspective. Don't give up, u ain't dead yet…oh what u feed ur body is also very important with chronic pain n especially Lyme. Cut out the gluten, refined sugars, n dairy if u can n ur body will repay u

  5. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  6. You pooor thing. I made it to 50 before Chronoc pain. I started doing body weight exercises like push ups planks and if I do a good hour a day I feel almost normal it is night time which is horrible.

  7. Have you tried high dose vitamin c for your Lyme? I've heard it could help. Check out videos online about it. IV treatment would be best if you can find someone that does it.

  8. In the video she speaks on talking an amount of Fluid Volume as in milliliters ML and not Milligrams as in the Concentration of the Medicine.

    Please be more clear with the Dosage strength and not the Volume of the Fluid.

    Example a 12 Oz can of Coke has 32 grams of Sugar. The dosage of sugar is Not 12 Oz . The Dosage of Sugar is 32 grams.

    This video isn’t very helpful

  9. CBD really works. I have been suffering from chronic pain for over 15 years. I ordered some from and it has made a huge difference in my quality of life. I ordered more yesterday and realized they are offering 20% off right now just by using the code facebook20. I encourage you all to try the product.

  10. What doses are you taking in mgs ? mls is a volume if I am correct. If you are taking by volume (and the strength varies) the dose on mgs would vary. How many mgs are you taking.

  11. I’m glad you open up about this subject.

    Like mentioned, sometimes it works for some and not others.

    Sad you have so many judgemental people. If you don’t have this or don’t know what she’s going through – shouldn’t comment if nothing nice to say at all.

    I hope you’re able to find something that helps relieve your symptoms.

  12. It's crazy that you sound exactly like me, almost word for word about pain,not liking drugs, not wanting to be high, etc. I don't have lyme (as far as we know) but I've been in cronic pain for most of my life, diagnosed with a second disorder 4 yrs ago and a 3rd one year ago. I'm going on my 4th. We don't know what it wrong with me this time but it's even more debilitating than the others. Today is my 2nd day on CBD, at this point it is legal to purchase over the counter anywhere or online in all 50 states without a medical card because pure CBD has no thc. There is a max dose though. I don't a difference, but at this point I'm willing to try anything. I've been researching CBD and watching as many videos as I can to get an idea of all possible senarios or outcomes because I know it doesn't work for everyone. I'm sorry you're going through what you do, I truly know what it's like to live in pain. I hated opioid but some days I just want one to take it all away even if it makes me feel like cap but our doctors don't prescribe them either anymore.

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