Meet the Guy who Gets Paid to Smoke Weed

We meet American marijuana consultant Russ Hudson, who uses Spain’s loose marijuana restrictions to explore and review different types of weed. Click here to subscribe to VICE:


  1. What a crap connoisseur. Dude don't know how to smoke. First, you gotta take in some air at the end of that hit, you have to get that first flavor as well as the after taste. Just like wine tasting when they do that annoying slurping thing. You have to get the full flavor before the exhale. Second, he straight toasted that weed! No green hit in sight, just took it down to ass… he roasted the terpines. You have to corner hit that bowl to get max flavor. Just a touch with the flame, just enough to get a small ember going. Im not sure if he could tell the difference between cbd & cbn, not to mention different terp profiles & which are dominant in sativa or indica & how they influence the high. I mean can he tell the difference between indica, sativa or hybrid… if you're a connoisseur you gotta step up your game. He's more of a pot snob.
    But, he did use a clean glass & took good notes I'll give him that.

  2. I was really jealous at first…then did some thinking. And really I’m no different then this guy. I get paid to smoke weed too. I just work for a different company🤪

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