Medical Marijuana Neuropathic Pain

Is weed good for pain? Here’s a study to ponder… Medical Marijuana: Low THC Sufficient For Neuropathic Pain Caitlyn Fitzpatrick writing in MD reported study results on the analgesic effect…


  1. Man this peripheral neuropathy is so intense I am barely able tolerate it, even with 240mg morphine equivalent; and its like walking on sunburn. I have tried many common treatments including Lyrica which causes swelling and pitting edema in legs and Gabapentin that causes swelling in the uvula and throat, even laser, and while having some relief at peak times with short acting that last two or three hours, and higher doses results in cranial pressure headaches. and after 3 or 4 years of long hours and sleepless nights, desperation is setting in because the breakthrough is relentless. Being on a fixed low income I don't have money to waste trying find remedies. I really would like to know if cannabis really works for pain or will take the edge off of Peripheral neuropathy and Polyneuropathy, not unlike diabetic nerve pain. Surgery is last resort because of onset of COPD after a chest cold several months back. I thank the Lord for the strength of spirit of truth to manage as I am, even that the herbs and leaves were given for healing in truth.

  2. Works for me. I have been Big Pharma prescription free ever since I got my medical marijuana card. No wonder cannabis remains illegal. It can replace hundreds of Big Pharma drugs.

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