1. Oh, for God's sake, must we study & measure & blah blah for the exact freaking dose? "Oh, it's bad for your lungs, like we should be most concerned with that & not the MS? Just smoke some till you get desired effect or bake some into Brownies or Cookies, Nut Bread, etc, which could cause weight gain, not really good even if no diseases. The medical field sure can turn a simple thing into a freaking clusterf**k.

  2. Dr. Kantor is wrong about several things. Studies have been done on lung disease and smoking of cannabis. Apparently something in the whole plant counters whatever harm smoking might do since it has been found that cannabis smokers do not get lung cancer any more frequently than those who don't use it.

    He is also wrong to say cannabis doesn't treat any other disease(s). I can't imagine where he got that idea if he's researched the question in any way. Israel and Spain have been researching cannabis for decades and found dozens of applications of medical cannabis. See you tube video "Medical Cannabis Research 2014."

    Spanish researchers have found cannabis treats, and in some cases cures, various cancers.

    Dr. Kantor is right that we need to know more about dosages but the pharmaceuticals made from one component of cannabis (thus able to reveal a dosage) do not work as well as the whole plant. This video seems like an ad for drug companies to have control of medical cannabis. Does he own shares in one of those drug companies?

    Cannabis is not a "drug" any more than a poppy or a coca plant are drugs. It is when some portion of those plants are refined and concentrated that a drug is produced, such as opium or cocaine. Cannabis is a medicinal herb until it is refined into hashish or the other forms that concentrate the chemicals.

    The US even has/had a patent on some components of cannabis in which the NIH's researchers found that it was an antioxidant and neuro-protective, among other applications. This patent was applied for in 1998 and granted in 2003. Why have the medical properties of cannabis been concealed from the American taxpayers who paid for this research?

    See also the New York Post article by John Crudele, whose wife died of MS in 2013, the year he found out the US has/had a patent on it and knew that it could have helped his wife or even saved her life. The article is "Feds Patented Medical Pot While Fighting It."

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