Medical Marijuana and Parkinson’s Part 3 of 3

See the effects of cannabis first hand, unedited, on Parkinson’s tremor dyskinesia, and voice. This clip is from the feature documentary “Ride with Larry” and shows retired police captain…


  1. How are almost a thousand people going to dislike this. Smh, the same haters that would rather there love ones take opioid prescription filled medications.

  2. bitchass government dont wanna make it legal bc they know it helps they rather have u pay thousands of dollars for shitty medicine dat dont do shit bc they greedy af

  3. I thougt it was bullshit as "medical" marijuana. My daughter is epileptic and she had tried it on her own to see if it helped. I was the biggest skeptic. Even when she is normal and not seizing, she gets shaky and anxious. I watched her go from that to perfectly relaxed in 2 hits. You better believe I've been buying stuff for her for 7 years now. It really is legit. Its crazy, I didn't know what to do before, and now I get her indica dominat hybrids and its amazing. Not sure where we'd be at without it . Also, I found that getting high is better for me than booze. Minus the munchies. Lol

  4. Legit a total different person when he had it. They deffenlty need to allow it in his state I feel like some places hold of because too many people claim they need medical marijuana. It should only be legal to people who have serious problems. Not bums claiming it helps their mind set.

  5. It just proves we were left with the right plants glad it never went extinct. Weird how if we look hard enough we have everything we need vitamins, minerals, thc, cure for poison when you get bit by a snake. Poison that cures illness. If this was a fluke yeesh but I'm glad we have a god and knew we would find all this out

  6. My heart goes to this man, he's sufering greatly this horrible disease. It is sad that on his home state its not legal. Im from california if you lived over here i would donated it to him for free. May our lord Jesus Christ help you and heal you from head to toes. When i saw your video it literarily broke my hearth. God bless.

  7. The look on this brother's beautiful face at 1:21 when he said "so quickly" got to me emotionally.
    There are more sufferers out there that have been conditioned to hate and fear this Herb.

  8. Currently going back on pills just to be able to be around my family bc the good hearty people of Georgia won't go back on their strong Christian morals and my wife is stationed there lol let's hope I don't get any adverse side affects I'll have to take MORE pills for like all the other times iv taken prescriptions

  9. U cant get it out there? Move to the good ol northwest, the evergreen state washington, our trees r green, we have the greenest veggies and our weed is grade A and that's green as well, people rent and rave over california weed, u can get weed like that here that's been grown in a closet or basement with aroponics and hydro ponics, shit I know native growing In the mountains with 25ft plants, the cola top but 2 lbs of fire

  10. I hope all of these radical antis get these conditions themselves where they will wish for this kind of treatment. Maybe there is no god but it would only be fair.

  11. I'm here after watching Muhammad Ali all week. And wishing this was available for him. Imagine all the jokes and all the knowledge we would hear from The Greatest if he was only given a chance during those times

  12. The fast forward sound in the video is used in the old xbox video game called Blinx The Time Sweeper where you play as a cat who controls time. And they say pot makes your memory go but here I am able to remember that and I gobble down the devils lettuce

  13. I’d give this guy at least half an ounce if I was near him just because he really needs it. Weed is a beautiful flower and cute to many things that a god has blessed us with.

  14. I am 57 and diagnosed in June 2009. I had a very long list of symptoms, some of which were. Keeping right arm close to my side while walking, tremors in right hand, numbed toes on right foot, drooling out right side of mouth, over all body aches and pain, trouble moving in bed, dry skin, hair falling out, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, slurred words, falling, speaking softly, tiredness, aggravation and irritation, weepy and crying a lot, loss of strength.My neurologist advised me to try natural treatments and introduced me to RHG Parkinsons Disease formula, I read alot of positive reviews from other patients who used the treatment and i immediately started on the treatment. I had great improvement and relief with this treatment, total decline of symptoms. Great improvement with speech, co-ordination, balance, muscle, mood etc, I gained back my life with this treatment and can never be thankful enough. Visit www . richherbalgardens . com

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