Marijuana legalization: What Canada can learn from Colorado

Colorado’s former director of the Marijuana Enforcement Division, Lewis Koski, tells Mercedes Stephenson that Colorado’s marijuana policy continues to evolve …


  1. Canada is incapable of learning anything useful: they're Socialists, and now, like their fellow deranged Socialists in America, they're all high on their beloved legal narcotics.

  2. Still waiting for this site to post the street interview that Global News did with Faith Goldy. A lot of scared little rats at Corus Entertainment. Weak and pathetic.

  3. Relax and enjoy life. It's a plant. No need to complicate life to limit and regulate on things that aren't harmful. No matter what we do, we cannot get away from death. Stop living so dull and serious. Smoke, and eat. Breathe…pour out your imagination and feel the world.

  4. This reeks of Stigma. Canada does not have Legalization, this is Monopolization/ Prohibition 2.0, we went from 8 laws on the books to 45. Bill C46 Impaired driving is an infringement of your freedom and rights. What a joke, when the government runs business it is doomed to fail. Remember Flin Flon ?? enough said. selfies socks and a head full of rocks.

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