Marijuana Legalization: How Investors Can Profit!

To get our overview of the marijuana boom and a rundown of the top marijuana stocks, go to In 2018, global cannabis sales reached $12.2 billion …



    concentrated smoke like weed. it does not allow the lungs to heal. vaping dabbing and even regular ital smoking destroys ur lungs. only recently did folks start doing this all day long everyday. years from now like sunny delight the drink in England results will show what im saying.

    In December 1999, according to a report by BBC News, the negative publicity escalated when a Sunny Delight television commercial showing a snowman turning orange was released, at about the same time as reports of a four year old girl who experienced her skin turning orange – due to the product's use of beta-Carotene for color – after drinking an estimated 1.5 litres of Sunny Delight a day.

    Ginny pigs a?

  2. In less than 2 years from now, you will be wishing you invested in Cannabis just as people are regretting not investing in Bitcoin.

    The global size of the legal marijuana market is expected to reach USD 66.3 billion by the end of 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. It is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 23.9% during the forecast period. Increasing legalization and use of marijuana in medical as well as recreational applications is expected to promote the growth.

    According to Forbes, "An estimated 38.4 million U.S. adults consume cannabis at least once annually, from either a legal or illicit source. 36% of cannabis consumers report using cannabis daily, and 59% use cannabis at least once a week"

    Investing now is the best time . Just like Bitcoin, the industry will grow like wild FIRE. You can always invest in cannabis with

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  6. Motley Is it smart that I buy call options that expire in 2022 of WEED and ACB instead of buying the stocks? I noticed you said give the sector about 5 years

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