Marijuana Effects on Brain Revealed With New Scientific Imaging

Regular marijuana use can shrink key regions of the brain, according to a new study published in the science journal Nature. The study looked at a number of participants who either had a long…


  1. At the end of the day I dont see how people can tell other people that they cant take something, Its your body , your choice, your life, getting arrested for smoking a plant is bullshit its there for a reason, pot doesnt ruin peoples lives getting arrested for it does.

  2. What about the Flouride they are putting int he drinking water. Now, that does way more damage to the human brain and especially the Pineal gland. Such bull crap. Why don't the people that are reporting on this actually try some really good nugs and then make an evaluation as I will admit,pot is not for everyone, as some people cannot process it and they get all weird and shit.

  3. Who is they. Where are the supposed images? Alcohol also affects spacial awareness parts of the brain, which looking at our culture, obviously shaped a lot of our disfunction. Breathing smog also decreases parts of the brain, which people who live in cities fail to see.

  4. The blonde chick was like…huh no please don't tell me this! lol it's basically like this the stronger the THC the more effect it will do to your brain. If CBD is high then you have a better chance of not getting any of the negative side effects fects but sadly most strands are right percentages if THC and very little CBD.

  5. Alcohol fuckin effects ur coordination and spacial awareness but she's so one track minded and brainwashed she chooses to quickly avoid talking about the positive aspects and don't even let the other girl speak who's actually smarter than her stupid ass. Ppl are so fucking stupid I swear fuckin sheep everything that comes out of congress asshole they eat it up like its god fucking dum fuck

  6. Ahhh shut the fuck up with all that bullshit man you just talking out your ass lmao I smoke than study 🏫 harder than I do when I'm sober college student with a 3.8 GPA so when should I expect my ganja to be effecting me like this you dumb fuck 😒

  7. Actually according to the Laguardia studies done in New York showed regular user did drive better when stoned and actually drove better than non users.

  8. man so glad I quit pot a year ago. I didnt wanna risk jail time. on the downside, I have been weening myself off using the governments list of approved drugs! the alcohol and percocet have made my liver into a soggy loaf of bread but im not in jail !!!!!!!

  9. why not arrest those smoking a cigarette while drivving? nicotine s a drug and shit I dare any non smoker to take several puffs of a cig while driving down the highway.

  10. dumb study all it does is associate lower volume with use, its well established that marijuana causes neurogenesis of the hippocampus- and that none of the stress hormones released within the hippocampus from marijuana cause any harm to the hippocampus.

    Stress destroys the hippocampus and this study has noticed that stressed people are more likely to use a recreational drug lol

  11. Another fake NIDA study. NIDA has taken patent cannabinoids on neuroprotecting qualities. They are taking the monopoly on cannabisgrow and when they'll have it, you will be fed with pro cannabis propaganda. Only one problem: for these studies, no cannabis is used, only synthetic 'cannabinoids'. Fake studies, fake policy, fake people, real money. And the traditional press goes along. Is LIP tv falling in the same cesspool?

  12. Look at all the conspiracy theories being imagined in the comment section on this vid lol obviously most are potheads and clearly their imagination is not lacking lol 😂

  13. You trying to tell me it adversely affects the part of the brain thats responsible for spatial awareness and imagination? LOL. Tell that to people doing yoga, jiu-jitsu, or any kind of art imaginable. My memory is fantastic also, except for when I'm baked and talking about some meaningless bullshit and I lose my train of thought, but all the important shit is untouched.
    "There's also a way to combat these effects, (…) which includes the consumption of CBD." Well, good thing CBD is present in all weed unless you cloned and breeded it for years to mostly produce THC, but no one is consuming pure THC. The cannabis that 99% of people grow has both THC, CBD and dozens of other cannabinoids. There must be a reason it evolved that way. THC is not cannabis. Bullshit research.

  14. can be negated by CMD ? oh so you mean the very thing that is in Cannabis ? rofl. you're talking about weed like it doesn't contain CBD, it does, well the problem is with modern day strains, they tryed too hard to hybrid and tweak in order to obtain strains with high or even super high THC levels, so yea this is bad and probably what fucks up people's mind, but yea I'm pretty sure all strains contains CBDs to some extent.. so what are you talking about.

  15. You want a drug to be concerned about??? How about you stop drinking alcohol which LITERALLY kills your liver, brain, intestines, kidneys, stomache and has no medicinal value besides it being able to make people calmer. Did you think about that bitch????

  16. Lmao thirty years of smoking hast hurt my glass blowing at all I find that it helps me to imagine my piece before I complete it so I say your study is bullshit I wonder what alcohol does with this test try this one what a mindless 9 to 5 job does to ones imagination

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