1. Wow, for a doctor you just spilled a whole lot of misleading crap. Because there ARE PROVEN studies that completely go against everything you are saying.

  2. Nothing is "proven" this is a lot of bull crap because they have done out of country studies that showed pregnant women are less depressed and more social when they smoke marijuana. Then they did a follow-up study after the child went into kindergarten and saw the child was also more aware and social just as the mother was. Americans think our studies are the only ones that are effective out there.

  3. You keep bringing up THC, however all you need to say about CBD, is it’s great for pregnancy make sure you are getting pure CBD with 0% thc because it is out there and you’re being ignorant saying CBD can’t help women during pregnancy yes it can, it does cure cancer, and thc and low levels helps boost the affects at CBD anyway to boost your immune system which boots your blood flow which promotes healthy fetus growth. So step down on all this “thc is bad” bullshit and be scientific. You’d sooner write a prescription for a pregnant women, CBD is just as regulated as the government, and is way more effective than half the crap you push on the posters on your walls in your clinic so get off your high horse and do your research.

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