Marijuana and Depression

Does Marijuana Cause Depression? Just recently I was asked, Does marijuana use increase the risk of Depression? Another version of this question is, Does medical marijuana cause Depression…


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  2. I truely believe the weed is responsible for my anxiety and depression. I’m 16 and had been smoking for around 2 years nonstop each day and maybe a month ago I had a horrible high that made me feel unsafe with myself so since then I’ve stopped usage and although I’m amidst a depressive episode right now I do feel better. Weed doesn’t help depression it creates it

  3. When I smoke weed I am so conversational… I make everyone laugh in the room, I have a good time… When I don't smoke I feel like shit…. I've been feeling like shit my whole life untill I started to smoke.. I do become less productive though

  4. Good video. Why are so many doctors unaware of the benefits of marijuana? In Illinois it was just legalized, do you think more doctors will start to educate themselves now that it's legal?

  5. Weed use to make me feel euphoric, and happy. now it just makes me dizzy and makes my brain feel weird. Like numbness, heavyiness, pressure/tightening, Oh and severe depression, Like, im always worrying about death of self and others.. I feel hopelessness.. Haha. Idk..

  6. Oh boy. Was going to try marijuana for chronic pain ——- but I am sooooo depressed. Don’t know what I am going to do now. Anything that exacerbates my depression will push me over the edge.

  7. Eat only minimal dose that makes you feel sleepy at bed time. (Extracted marijuvana only 3 % mixed with cold pressed coconut oil 97 %). That's the secret. If one day you don't feel sleepy after takiing it, just skip it for two days and then start again.

  8. the thing is. ive been smoking everyday since i was 12 almost. im 16 now, i got depression about 2 or 3 years ago, after a bad event happend in my life and i smoked more and it got worse. that isnt to say marijuana made me depressed. its that people with escapist personalities like i use to be, tend to do more drugs to ease how they feel. i took mushrooms and it showed me all my problems and i had to confront them. magic mushrooms saved me from killing myself, 1 night on mushrooms did more than what 2 years of therapy could ever do. if you have depression, stop smoking so much and try to fix it. i believe its okay to smoke if you have no depression. im open minded so please share opinions 🙂 we are all growing together. peace!

  9. My experience was I went from recreational use, like 1 to 2 times every 6 months, to 2 times a month, to once a week then daily. As I gradually used it, I became more paranoid and "aware". Then one day, I had a bad high and that was it. Since then I've stubbornly have tried to use weed here and there. Most recently, I took a 1:1 cbd/thc edible with with 5mg each. It made me depressed for the first time of my life. I havent been able to shake off the feeling for a few days. Still there, just not as strong.

    Thc is not for me and it may not be for everyone. Be cautious when on a mood altering drug, it can def fuck up ur brain.

  10. I never would have believed this until I began using this in as much as a clinical way from home. What she is saying is true to my experience. Please be open to this as a legitimate medicine, even if “alternative” classification makes you more comfortable. This can be highly monitored by the state through the dispensary process. Don’t be afraid of it doubters. It significantly helped me with my symptoms and got me completely off of alcohol without trying. Simply did not feel I was missing anything and it’s a lot to drink all night and whiz. Be open people.

  11. First of all let's get this shit straight. Marijuana does not cause depression. It depends on the person doing it and how they feel when they don't have it. Don't call it depression call it pussy ass mofos that can't handle a PLANT! How are you gonna let a plant take over your thinking? If you get depressed supposedly off marijuana you a damn lie. Y'all got bigger issues to be talking about and you blame it on a plant. WTF! You just a very weak minded person if you let this happen.

  12. Unfortunately, it's not so colorful and positive. First you have to deal with problems in life that cause depression. No drugs, cannsbis, oil, etc. – fix your life.
    This can be exclusively addition but only ourselves we can get rid of stress, depression. Who thinks otherwise deepens depression through marijuana – then marichuana cause depression.
    Depression does not come from the moon, but is the result of problems in private life. Taking drugs – it's an escape from solving problems. Pretending nothing happens and we control everything. I myself have depression caused by the situation at work. I solves my problem myself and marichuana helps me to keep distance. It is only support but I must have to action in my life. The long period of smoking affects our personality – we gain something and lose something. We always pay ourselves for a good deal, what is cannabis. Cannabis pulls something out of our personality and leaves something unknown. These can be positive or negative.
    You have to keep balance and observe yourself and what cannabis affects us and our family, friends, and others. Cannabis is not a "drug of gods" that does not change our lives.

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