All of these bullshit studys are backed up by the FDA, and by extension, the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, salty because they can't capitalize on marijuana.
    Just like how they're trying to make people believe that Kratom causes adverse health effects. They happen rarely, and usually relate to overdose or ridiculously long term use.
    Kratom is the only hope most opiate addicts have of detoxing themselves and eventually attaining permanent sobriety.
    But they're well on their way to banning kratom, and I'm sure they'll get what they want in the next couple of years, effectively leaving poor drug addicts, who can't afford expensive detox/rehab, up a creek.
    But who cares, they're drug addicts. They did/do it to themselves, right?
    The most harmful thing to a drug addict is the LAW. NOT DRUG USE.

  2. Haha pain management. Weed exacerbates underlying symptoms and causes inflammation if you dont know what im talking about then you're young and dumb with no ailments.

  3. "Is it legitimate for any human on the face of this Earth to deny another human being the thing that will remove him from that infinite torture chamber? No. It is not acceptable. It is utterly and completely immoral." – Howard Bloom

  4. There is one company federally allowed to test Marijuana and every report says something bad about it….. By the way the government says Marijuana is schedule 1 and cocaine is schedule 2……so the government says Marijuana is worse than cocaine…. Hmmmm 🤔

  5. Weed is an anti-inflammatory so how does it not help with pain ? Should people keep popping Ibuprofen so that they can have their stomach lining ate away as a side effect? I mean I guess they could take something for the stomach problem and in return get another side effect from that …… But nah weed is bad keep popping those pills they're completely safe……eye roll.

  6. Little evidence, and does not talk about any other medical benefits of cannabis…. can you say agenda. saddens me when local news tell story's like this and for anyone reading this go read the study's your self don't listen to some lady who does not even read the study's her self

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