Light Cycles for Growing Cannabis, Fully Explained

Light cycles for growing cannabis are important when growing cannabis indoors. In this video, we explain what are light cycles, why growers use them, and …


  1. Im growing first time i need a good person to guide me i planted 5 seeds after germination in cups and there growing alright i put on my balcony and its a good sunny spot and i gave them water when they flet dry and now i took em inside and put then to a grow light and my room has ac and its always cool in here and the light has 3 colors i put it to blue and lowered it 1 touch so its still bright enought and im scared if i did something wrong like is it bad to take them from outside and into my room

  2. I live in the tropics, about 15 degrees north of the Equator. We get pretty much 12/12. My question is: Although we have 12/12, There is ALWAYS some light at night via the moon, and as such the actual light depends on the cycle of the moon; from almost zero to almost semi daylight. So there is no ABSOLUTE, 100% darkness. In the northern part of the country there are hundreds if not thousands of Cannabis plants growing naturally, with pretty good yields. So is it REALLY necessary to have absolute darkness?

  3. Can someone please tell me why everyone is so against seeds in your plant? If youre not a commercial producer, wouldnt seeds mean wouldnt have to buy from a seedbank? If the seeds are rly that bad, why not do one run, grab a shit load of seeds, then get back to a regular schedule? I just honestly dont see the problem with free seeds… 😂🤣😂🤣

  4. should run the AC when lights are on (8pm to 2pm currently as im in veg)?
    Also when im on a 12h light cycle in flower would it be better to run my lights from 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening as my TS3000 doesnt add much heat to the tent. (My reason for this…because if i use my AC in the tent i can bring the temp down as low as 22c when the light is on) so then at night when the light is off its at a stable 25c.

    Or is it better to run my lights at night and have lights off in the day when it is the hottest? (My only worry with this is my temp would be cooler when lights are on and hotter throughout the day when they are off)

  5. at the start of this vid,,,, first thing that came to mind was, and i'm sure everyone has seen the funny animal / wildlife vid,,

    DAY TIME,,, NIGHT TIME,,,,,,,, DAY TIME,,, NIGHT TIME, that black bird,, funny af LOL

  6. We just have 2 season in tropical region ..summer and rainy season
    I started to plant outdoor last march befre summer i need to bring inside (pitchblack) or should i let the nature do its work or either way? ..

  7. you have thousand of like this is one the best, easy and most informative videos right to the point with a ton of vital information thanks a mil.

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