Justin Trudeau speaks about pot pardon process as marijuana legalized in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018 that the pardon process for people who received sentences for simple marijuana …


  1. Trudeau is terrible for business and growth in Canada, he screwed the oil business and now destroy the cannabis business by refusing the opening of additional stores.

  2. Meanwhile if you applied for a pardon on a different conviction the letter you get from the Parole board states all applicants will receive"NO preferential treatment" but clearly the pardons for possession pot convictions are getting preferential treatment..Again welcome to Canada

  3. One thing this PM didn't even consider is the property values of homes near grow-ops plummeting because of the stench.

    I live quite close to Tweed Farms (Canopy Growth) in Niagara-on-the-Lake. For years I've dealt with their promises of the stench being taken care of with improved filtration. But it has continually got worse. And now they are expanding from 100,000 sq. ft. to 1 MILLION sq. ft.

    The smell now comes right into my home where I can taste it. Come summer I won't be able to use my yard, or open my windows because of the acrid horrific stench. The first time it entered my home I sincerely thought a skunk had entered my home. Two neighbours of mine (that I know of) had exactly the same situation.

    My emails to them come back with promises in the early years, and now it's just excuses:
    -the wind is coming in your direction
    -the plants are flowering now
    -we rotate the crops so not too many are flowering at the same time
    That last one is telling, because with their massive expansion, they won't be able to keep the number of flowering plants low, because 1,000,000 sq. ft. needs to get through the growth season.

    I get headaches. I get upset stomach (to the point of gagging). And, they do not care.

    I don't smoke pot, but I am not against pot (for adults)…especially the medical kind. But once it was made legal for recreational use, they didn't put in exceptions for under 25's. Medical research shows that smoking pot is very detrimental to the growing under 25 year old brain. And, with the massive (I mean HUGE) growth of this industry, they did not ensure that these places would not be built in areas where housing is nearby.

    My house is for sale. I cannot sell it. I am retired. ALL of my life savings are into this house. It was a beautiful rural residential property. Now I look over (literally, I'm on high ground) a 1 million sq. foot greenhouse, and all of the smell, and all of the light, and all of the security that a factory of this size entails.

    I dislike Trudeau a lot, but this idiot ill-thought-out plan of his takes the cake. This problem exists all over Canada, and throughout any area in the world where pot is legal. This is not, by any means, a small problem…and it's getting bigger.

    They've said they won't buy my house, so I'm going to have to get legal, and become a loud activist. I've had more than I can possibly take.

  4. trudeau's gambit of legalizing pot, and providing pot pardons, is just trudeau's manipulation of the masses, to guarantee him many votes, from the dope-heads, in the upcoming election!
    however he may be departing office, before that election takes place!

  5. The only good thing Liberals have done is made marijuana legal although I don't like their real reason for doing so. It's all about cashing in on that kind of business.

  6. "Criminal organizations and gang members make about $6 billion a year off the sales of marijuana" and how much is Trudeau and the rest of the government going to make off it? I am sure a lot more than that.

  7. I'm So disappointed this decision is a big mistake and that will take Canada from safe peaceful country in to the most criminal country so sad that Canada will go to the hell because of selling weeds our kids will not be the proud future to us and to Canada anymore so shame … please illegal weed so our kids and family will live safely and happy please .

  8. Oh dear as if the youth of today are not screwed up enough,he is like a cult leader.Poor Canada get him out.He has done this for votes of the youth,potheads that will be to stoned to work.

  9. Tabarnack hosti country.. Is long times Colorado is legal there.. California free smoke too Las Vegas legal. Washington state legalized marijuana.. Canada just 2 days.. so what… After the wars in Vietnam All the soldier suppose smoke marijuana..

  10. Methamphetamine is easier to get on the streets than marijuana fact, it takes couple months to grow marijuana and it only takes a couple days to produce methamphetamine. Methamphetamine and fentanyl are killing thousands of people. If people can't find marijuana than they make methamphetamine out house hold products use your head people marijuana will lower the crime rate and cure alot of illnesses and cancer and can also be used to treat opioid and methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms.

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