1. You would have to be stupid or ignorant in order to dispute the fact social media is systematically making our society depressed. Social media is used as a platform to promote depression, sadness, chaos, and other negative feelings/energy. We have people committing suicide on social media for crying out loud. I think this podcast shows our governments need to do more studies on how to detect which people within our society work better with opioids, medicine, marijuana, and etc. I think we definitely need more marijuana laws within the US as well and especially in areas where you have recreational marijuana use. We need to do more research on marijuana and also on CBD.

  2. Coming at this in the most unbiased way, the curly headed dude is an idiot. All his arguments are weak and have faults. Mans needs to get him some bitches and smoke some of that good shit soon 💯

  3. Joe The Jesuit Rogan.
    I just got word Alex Jones says you are claiming that Cannabis is bad for human consumption.
    No, it is not.
    All your claims are politically driven.
    You are and always have been, " One of them."
    And deep down, most of us know it to be a fact.
    The Mason Oath, to destroy America and anything like it.

    But, you as well as Alex Jim Jones works for c.i.a., or Hollywood or whatever.
    Anyone I find on the net are there for a reason. And no one will be heard. So any one on the net that is not shadow banned ar Jesuit.
    You all are masons.
    You all would like me to believe you all are Reptilians or Arc-hons, but that is all bull shit.
    Now, back to pot:
    delta-9-tetrahydrocannbinol and cannabidiol in the treatment of brain cancer.
    And the oil thingy:
    Basically, it came down to this. America in the 1900's saw two powerful rivals, agriculture and industry, faced off over several multi-billion dollar markets. When Rudolph Diesel produced his engine in 1896, he'd assumed it would run off of vegetable and seed oils, especially hemp, which is superior to petroleum. Just think about that for a second. A fuel that can be grown by our farmers that is superior to foreign oil. What a lot of history would have been rewritten!

    God thinks you and Alex are full of shit, for one.
    For two. Who owns these Patent?
    Mason roman trash!
    Jesus said, " All organizations are of the Devil."
    Weed , if not smoked can still destroy your masters lust for world domination.
    Hemp can kill oil. Kill all petroleum and all it's corporations. One plant can take you all out & return God's earth back to God's control. You and your kind are an abomination.
    And I know that no one is listening. But you. So there is that. I just want to not die from your vaccines. Your slavery.
    You are Jesuit. You are money changers.
    And God wants his world back. He can not stop you.
    Cause he gave you all that much freedom. So that is why he allows this bull shit. Cause he wants you to love him as well. But you give him the finger.
    I listen to Alex Jones because he is entertaining. So entertaining in fact that I let my guard down to him. But then he says stupid shit like this pot thing. It is all about oil. Not getting high.
    P.S. Dave chappelle nailed it on SLN the about night or when ever. He still got it.

  4. I think it becomes a real issue when high tolerance builds and there’s a temptation to move onto something harder like alcohol or something else Bc it doesn’t quite carry the euphoria it once did

  5. My personal opinion, with marijuana I use it for my anxiety issues etc.
    But I think like anything to much of something isn't good.
    Of been smoking heavy for months every night but now its actually doing the opposite and again bringing out my anxiety on a whole new level.

  6. I used to have horrible nightmares as a kid and early teens dealing with Sleep paralysis as well I started smoking weed at 15 and haven't had any of those problems since 💯💯💯

  7. Weed saves me from being depressed!! Without I most likely wouldn't be here! I don't do other drugs or alcohol!!! Never cared for anything else!! Don't like being all messed up!!

  8. Cannibis is a fucking medicine, its a plant medicine that I love and have created a relationship with and its saved my life, If you believe cannibis isnt a medicine you might as well say Alcohol is good for you too!

  9. I enjoy the subtle differences between American English and British English, and how each strinf words together.

    Example in this vid – "…that is very interesting to me". I hear that a lot when Americans talk. The "to me" part is utterly irrelevant, as you would apply logical context…in British English. The redundancy is removed. I am pretty sure I've never heard a brit say that kind of sentence in that way before.

    Fascinating how one language can change, even in subtle ways, when given enough distance (accents be damned)

  10. Around 17 minutes in, Joe asks for back up on a claim he has heard and the doctor says: due to the USA's estimated rate of schizophrenia being very very very slightly lower than the global estimated schizophrenia rate, and the USA's high rates of cannabis use (he actually says 'more potent' than the rest, to really emphasise the point) this is evidence that cannabis does not increase the rate schizophrenia.

    Then, around a minute or two later, the other guy explains how in northern Europe there has been an increase over a decade in schizophrenia which he claims could be linked to increased cannabis use in the 90's.

    IMMEDIATELY, Joe jumps in and says, "could this not be due to other factors though?" well, yeah. But why didn't he jump in at all when the guy defending cannabis' medicinal use attempted to say that the US having a lower schizophrenia rate is DUE to cannabis consumption? That is a fucking ridiculous, blindingly obvious double standard.

  11. Im bi polar with schizoaffective disorder symptoms (delusions), my shit gets treated pretty well with the right meds, but im still sensitive to thc and get anxious from it, im trying to get more cbd in and see what that does. I had some very uncomfortable times with weed yet i still do it.

  12. I find it funny about how the say don't smoke when your an adolescent, otherwise it can cause serious damage. But the one thing no one puts into consideration is that most people start smoking weed in their mid-late teens.

  13. okay for this guy says his case is important because its a huge issue but what are the numbers. He heard a couple stories for his wife.

  14. Joe and Dr. I'm glad you guys came with your facts, the other guy definitely does not need a platform to spew his crap. He is definitely biased I can tell that for sure.

  15. A drunk person is 1000x more likely to kill themselves than a stoned person. For one… if you're stoned, you're probably chilled out and that all sounds like soooo much effort and would make such a mess. Whereas when you're drunk your inhibitions are gone and your impulse control is shot.

  16. Weed has worked wonders for my anxiety, depression, and job burnout and I sleep like an angel. I'm in a great mood everyday now because of using lightly the night before.

  17. **Can Consuming high potency cannabis strains of today regularly such as 500-1000 mg THC edibles cause mental illness, and have there been any long term studies done on this**

  18. Honestly this scares me a bit because I just signed up for Medical Cannabis and I'm going through a rough patch with my thyroid and weight. I have 6-7/10 Anxiety and depression is 5/10. I don't want to kill myself but I do have intrusive thoughts and it can be a struggle sometimes. When I smoke weed I always have a 8/10 experience . But here's the thing I SMOKED STREET WEED and the THC and CBD ratio are just unknown because there were some cases were it did give me anxiety and some intrusive thoughts . RARELY HOWEVER that happened .I honestly have a blast high . Just depends on how much I'm smoking and the strain I'm smoking .

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