Today we go over how to determine if your plant is ready to cut down and if your buds are ripe and ready! Technically this is an extension video from Vlog 7.


  1. This is a great video thanks.
    I'm just wondering if after you indentity the trichomes look good, do you then start the one week flush cycle (indoor growing), then pull, then hang in the dark three days?
    Do the trichomes keep maturing past this ideal indentification moment?

  2. Thank You for the nice clear pictures. Plus some guideline percentages. Trying to land my first harvest of my first legal grow. Lovely picture of Pikes Peak at the end…miss the place. Envy you.

  3. nice video.
    imo. I'd say there are more than 3 stages to a Tric, these being:
    Clear / milky
    Milky/amber red
    Amber red
    Amber brown
    Amber black

    I still think (with many strains) people often harvest too early (sometimes aided by thinking there are just 3 stages in a Tric). I think people should experiment more with Milky/amber red and Amber red. Rather than harvesting when Clear / milky and Milky (with a few 'amber'). However, theres a good random element in there too if you are growing a strain for the first time (especially when cloning), stager the harvest over a number of weeks. That way, you get a true representation of the different highs and tastes that pheno can achieve. You only need to do this once and then you will know how future clones of these plants will behave in flower. So you'll be able to get exactly what you want 🙂

  4. finally stoner who is smart lol. Bro most videos you get some high guy who legit talks about random shit and I spend 5 min still not finding what i'm looking for. But with your 3 min video i just saved myself a lot of time lol.

  5. Nice vid broski. This is a excellent method to fine tune how strong 💪u want ur meds and terpy goodness yum 😋 this is quickly becoming the “standard” for harvest checking. This being said there is many other ways to know when to chop especially when ya listen 👂 to her. It’s quiet and low but she will tell u want she needs but this comes with trial and error and u grow experience. A lot of complete utter plant killing advice on the web comes in swaths and sucks for novice growers that don’t know any better. 🙄 weed has also been around a very long time and I doubt they had usb microscope 🔬 to check before harvest 😂🌱🔥💨😎✌️

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