1. CBD that comes from industrial hemp (.3% or lower for THC) is ABSOLUTELY not illegal due to the farm/agricultural bill for the federal level. The feds really should be asking is "that" CBD oil being sourced from industrial hemp (.3% or lower) or "regular pot" (.3% or higher).

  2. Hemp is legal. Otherwise you could be arrested for using Hempz body lotion. Which is sold widely across the country.
    Court system already ruled against the DEA trying to ban CBD oil in industrial hemp vs DEA. Dea has no authority to create a new law against cbd outright. They are not above the law but are only being emboldened by a far right government.

  3. Hell yeah same thing here wedding Texas it's legalized I do it sometimes for my nerves cuz everytime agates happier decided I start taking my legs I haven't had spasms for my nerves over a year but I still suffer from back pain it does not take your back pain away and I know it's not legalized and I know it's partial against the law to do so in the state of Texas but people need to wake their f**** eyes up CBD helps with small pain HTC even though it get you high it helps with your deep chronic pain in the back CBD don't do that CBD this works on your nervous system not your muscles system HTC works with your muscle system in the same that we don't have fully legalization in the state of Texas and it helped me with my reading problems as well I suffer from the Lexus what's that that means I see things backwards sometimes and I suffer from Reading problems because of it but when I take HTC it allows my brain to function to focus on my mental problems that I can not normally do people need to wake their eyes up in the government needs to wake their asses up in the state of Texas I totally get it they don't want us to be like California a God damn it don't single people just for the medicine because June do they do that with pharmaceutical drugs hell no there is a lot of pharmacies here around the world in each state and you allowed to get pain pills at any moment even if you don't live in that state it shall be the same thing with both compounds we shall have the rights to HTC or CBD we shall not discriminate a medical patient on what medicine they like to choose that benefits their life I totally agree the DEA needs to stop drugs but cannabis is not a street drug even though the government has it on the schedule 1 process it is already proven that cannabis has medical values in all forms CBD an HTC have the same values it's in both compounds let's put it this way will you rather be drunk then a high that would fade away overnight that gives you medical values with your muscles and you don't have to worry about waking up with a hangover I think I believe the differ both compounds should be legalized because both compounds have medical values that's what people need to wake their eyes up about

  4. Fuck controversial. CBD is not even what we need for pain. THC is what really helps. Fuck people saying it gets you high. It's RELIEF. Chocolate gets you high caffeine and even sugar. So why is pot illegal? Fuck the government and fuck the DEA

  5. Federal says, "It comes from the plant"…so that makes it illegal, but the MEDICATIONS/DRUGS of opioids… surely they know that comes from a plant too? It's called the POPPY……… smh!

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