Indoor Marijuana day 60. Huge cannabis buds right before harvest. concentrate haul. Night shots.

A final update on the indoor Marijuana garden at day 60 of flower. The buds are huge and sticky right before harvest. we stock up on 3 grams of concentrates from the recreational store. Night…


  1. Alright mate could you help me pls this week I’ll be going in to flower I would like to know how long do I have to keep the lights off wen going from 18 hours to 12 and during that time do I have to water them
    Hydroponics ??

  2. First time seeing one of your videos, great attitude man, mama ganja responds and grows best when the grower isn't a money fiend in it forthe qash only. I love my plants , theyre part of my
    LIfe journey. Much love.

  3. Hold on….this video just tripped me out. I mean am I seeing stuff…twin or video editing? If it's editing you are the master of video edits. Wow I'm speechless. If it's a twin I'm tripping out on how many times you two have switched it up in videos. I've seen many styles of facial hair from one grateful grower.

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