Indoor Cannabis Flowering Tips to Grow Dense Buds & Prevent Mildew

John from goes on a field trip to a Garden in Northern California Growing Vegetables and Medicinal Cannabis under California State Proposition 215. In this…


  1. Cheat and Jump to the Following Sections:
    05:37 Why did you start growing cannabis?
    06:58 Why is it important to start with a good soil?
    10:26 what is some of the maintenance you do here?
    11:37 How do you deal with mold and fungus and pests?
    13:34 How do you get plants to go to flower?
    14:03 What source of phosphorus do you use?
    15:17 Why is compost tea important for bloom?
    16:10 Can you switch to using organic from chemical methods?
    18:07 Why do you have powdery mildew in your mom room?
    18:46 How are you going to treat powdery mildew?
    19:35 What products do you use?
    22:58 How much do you feed your plants?'
    23:08 What is your opinion on the boogie brew compost tea?
    26:55 What are some tips you would like to share with my viewers?
    28:18 Organic Products that Grow Healthier Plants and Support Bloom

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  3. I’m remodeling my house right now but once I get back in there I want to start a garden maybe even micro greens and though I’ve watched this video before I’m watching again and though it’s not terribly specific it does offer a ton of information which drives me nuts cause I thought I had a pretty good ideal but I’m realizing I have sooo much to learn

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