Illinois marijuana legalization push gets huge boost with Pritzker win

Supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana in Illinois are hopeful because Governor-Elect JB Pritzker shows interest in making that happen: …


  1. Iowa needs to legalize so badly! We're suffering but our Reynolds Governor is sabotaging Iowa Health care and putting Gambling/Betting on Sports and barring people from Medicaid FIRST OVER HEALTH! I'm so ashamed of Iowa Governor, she is a monster for what she did. A lot of people cannot get their pain under control with you taking away our Pills first, and then not giving our Medical Cannabis Program any attention. Medical Cannabis in Iowa is DEAD.

  2. 1:34 Societal concerns?? Get real Jim Durkin, ever hear of alcohol?? You know, the #1 most dangerous, addictive, and deadly drug on the planet?? Fact is that in the last 2,000 years of recorded history marijuana has never been listed as a cause of death on a coroner's autopsy report. Stop supporting these no fun Republicans holding back the evolution of society.

  3. This is encouraging drug usage Cartels or not! Do you want your child exposed to this? Weren't cigarettes bad enough with 1st, 2nd & 3rd hand smoke & now this? I can see medicinal but not this to solve a financial crisis using the excuse of Cartels. Will this be treated as cigarette smoking only to be done outside? How about in rental units, etc., where there can be trespass to another persons unit when that person has emphysema &/or asthma &/or COPD &/or chemical sensitivities/allergies? It appears that revenue is coming before logic, common sense & health!

  4. So Dick Durbin dick head dick face whatever his name is probably has stock in Pharmaceuticals and doesn't want to lose out on the Cannabis takeover I thought we were supposed to be Progressive

  5. I'm sick of these fucks who say, "Weed shouldn't be a way to earn revenue." Fuck off with that shit! Why dont you come up with a better option to give our state $350-$700 million. I understand their concerns, but I don't hear them coming up with alternative options. Our state is broke- BROKE AS FUCK! But, when an option to help us get out of debt is even a little taboo, you want to throw it out all together?! Seriously!? Nah, nah, nah. Pritzker, I may not like you as a Democrat, but pass this damn bill.

  6. I tend to lean conservative, but I stand with the Dems on this one. Alcohol is a far worse drug than weed, getting drunk equals fights, DUI’s, liver failure and broken relationships. Weed equals suppprt of America’s cattle ranchers, Hostess shops, America’s fine dining, and Movie theatres nation wide…….

  7. Many new age Republicans are pro marijuana. Go for it I say. At the same time Democrats are pushing gun bans. They will make you buy a marijuana recreation card just like a FOID or scan your license. Then tell you you can't own any guns if you use pot. They already did it to medical card holders. All of you with real jobs can expect increased random drug testing. But if your living in your mom's basement and working at Hot Topic go Democrats! I guess.

  8. I'm conservative and pro weed! I definitely agree that medical use should be more accessible in all states, but I also believe recreational weed should be a state to state issue. Decriminalization in IL was a good start.

  9. I have been smoking since 1970, I never did anything wrong while I was high, I keep it on private property and I am over 21, the state or the feds have no right to tell me what I can and cannot put in my body.

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  11. I live in Chicago my whole life I had cars taken away from me because of marijuana now you telling me they going to legalize it so what they going to do with all the cars and things that they took from people because it was an illegal I swear I hate Chicago and I hate Illinois this is the worst state, they make things illegal when they wanted and legal and then legalized it when they need more money

  12. prohibition does not work…increasing spending does not work. i see both positions. one thing i'm never going to hear from either of the two sides is that we need to lower/eliminate taxes and that its none of the state's business what an individual does peacefully with their wealth or property. your money, your body, and your stuff is none of the governments business.

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