1. The cannabis industry has every typical gate keeper against it. Tobacco never had the customer in mind, just the net revenue in the end. Cannabis industry will probably do a better job of being transparent and forthcoming with regulations and such to keep customers safe and happy. There's almost no comparison between Tobacco and Cannabis industries, they come from vastly different privileges.

  2. About 12:46, notice that the most of the "Bible belt" states has not legalized cannabis. The reason being is that it's easy to bust a person of colour with cannabis and they'll get a criminal record cause of it and it'll be something that'll follow them for the rest of their life, as where a white person will get away with a slap on the wrist, not unless if it's meth but even then they won't be in jail as long compared to a person of colour. Kelsey is also right about what she said about cannabis being made illegal due to racial tensions during the 1930's but not everyone knows that it was made illegal in Canada before that in the 1920's and oddly enough it was for the very same reasons. The one who helped to get the ball rolling on that law was the very same woman who fought for the rights for women to vote, but as expected, the Canadian government swept that fact under the rug. For reference, link below.
    These ads were funded by the Canadian Government, and they too had lies or better to put it, didn't bother to tell the Whole truth. Wonder why? Hummm, 🤔🤔🤔

  3. I just have to say I love how she lights it with a long candle or fireplace lighter. Reminds me of being a young teen stealing smokes from my parents and lighting it with whatever I could find 🤣🤣🤣

  4. You have a neurological issue and I’ve come across a video on YouTube about some guy that uses psilocybin mushrooms to treat his illness. He takes a dose every two months. And he has relief

  5. It's like citterlings of American. Once indians and others find something smarter than alcohol government will hike rates and take it over now the cost is crazy high and its health benefits are better than alcohol consumption

  6. I have chronic migraines and I’ve been told by almost every doctor to “just deal with it” essentially or to “just take ibuprofen or Advil” but nothing helps. My brother smokes marijuana just because he likes to get high but my mom won’t let me smoke it to see if it would help. So yeah my life is fun 👍 😒

  7. The biggest thing i noticed in this video was how different this lady looks from her selfie videos to the one vice shot lol she looked like a completly different person or maybe im just stoned lolololol

  8. KELSEY! My father had trigeminal neuralgia. He suffered for 13 years. My dad went to Stanford University Medical Center. They have a doctor that specializes in trigeminal neuralgia. They used radiation to KILL the nerve. After 2 doses of radiation treatment, the nerve began to die and now he's COMPLETELY pain free. It's been a huge relief to our family and my father. Message me if I can give you our doctor's info or more information of how it worked. I know how detrimental this is. And I'm so sorry you've had to deal with it. The radiation therapy saved my father's life. He was so close to ending his life. Take care ❤

  9. Actually the reason weed was demonized in the 30’s was more a ploy from the paper industry. They didn’t want cannabis paper to take over. So, as an oligopoly, the industry started up racial tensions to push weed into illegality. The car industry did the same thing to jaywalking.

  10. My doctor told me that you can’t OD on weed. I know that if I go overboard you can hallucinate a little. It doesn’t kill my pain, but it sure as hell takes my mind off of it.

  11. My dad hit his head last year that caused occipital neuralgia and he’s finally able to pick up medical marijuana products today (after surgery, botox, you name it) Praying it makes his life better

  12. Hoping to get my medical card approved soon! I have a lower spinal cord injury and I'm wheelchair bound. I have spasms that cause my legs and especially my ankles to bend in unnatural and extremely painful positions. Medical marijuana is my last hope to fix this because my feet are slowly molding to the position they get in when my spasms occur 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

  13. Hi. Happy Saturday! Thank you sooo much for the video. Very helpful. I was diagnosed with TN 9 years ago. 2 gamma knife surgeries, MVD, and my final surgery was the Rhiziotomy. The longest relief I received was from the MVD but only lasted 6 months.. I’ve tried every med possible. Carmazepine worked the best for me however it put me in Hosp for a week cuz it lowered my WBC down to 12. Started Medical Marijuana in Sept of 2019 and it’s helped me a lot. I was actually able to go down from 13 different meds down to 3 Fentanyl, Gabapentin, and Celebrex. I felt I was gonna die on sooo many meds. For the last two weeks I haven’t been able to get out of bed for two weeks. Yesterday the attacks were coming every 7 minutes and lasting about a minute. I vape the cannabis cuz as u said it’s healthier. I do want to know cuz it’s been some time that uploaded the video; did the topical cream help and how was your experience with the Charlotte’s web oil? Hope to hear from u soon. Stay Strong!!! I’ll be praying for you. God bless👼🏻.

    Btw hope you don’t mind…. Don’t answer this if you don’t feel comfortable…How old were u when it started because u also look very young too. I was 36 and usually women in their mid 50’s are the most impacted.

  14. There are still medications people need that cannabis can’t cure. And diabetes is a good example. Diseases like this will keep the pharmacies open. Not everyone wants to use cannabis. The whole point is to have a choice.

  15. I have diabetic neuropathy. I’m not comparing pain because your pain blows mine out of the water. But I also deal with a lot of side effects that comes with lack of care of type 1 diabetes. (Wow that was a long way to explain that.) That being said, CBD never worked for me. Not even medical. However medical Cannabis has worked great for my pain, my IBS, and all my depression and anxiety. I’m able to eat since I’m extremely underweight at 5’4” and weighing 96 lbs. All that to say: Medical Marijuana is very beneficial.

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