How to water Marijuana growing in coco

Hey, so this is how I water my marijuana plants that are growing in coco. You want to water everyday, unlike soil because coco is a hydroponics media.


  1. Once your coco is 100% saturated how much water would you need to water with each day to get the proper runoff I'm using cocoa Royal the guy said I only need water once a day?

  2. Can somebody help me plz

    Like i got a question

    So my girls started havin some problems so i decided to flush them yesterday .

    Growing in coco with perlite added week 3/4 of veg atm.

    I flushed with an ec of 1.0 and ph 5.8 yesterday and today i watered them and the runoff is 0.6-0.5 ec and ph 6.2-6.1 Does this meen i need to up my growschedule ? or is everything fine the way it's going.

    Sorry for the question

  3. First off..very good looking plants.. just letting all the UK viewers out there know.. jump on the blue staff Coco range on eBay.. you won't look's calcium and magnesium buffered for you so you don't need calmag at any stage of plant growth as long as your using a good nutrient feeding program. Sorry USA I can't ship there yet..hopefully soon you can all enjoy it over there.. we'll started selling in Europe this year and then go from there..check the feedback online and get on eBay and get some.. honestly it's mint..enjoy. BLUE STAFF COCO…EBAY

  4. Do you start with soil and transplant into coco or just start in coco from germination? And if you do start in coco from germination, do you water every single day? And you do you give nutrients from day 1?

  5. Fuckin noob thinking he knows shit yet feeds nutes every watering and gets green so dark it’s practically black😹😹😹then gets so full of himself he makes a tutorial ,I imagine a raid video will be his next masterpiece🤣🤣🤣

  6. Excellent video and tips. I run 5 gallon start to finish with AutoFlowering strains. I love growing using Mother Earth Coco but since finding FoxFarms LocoCoco I'd rather use it since it has more beneficial traits and amendments in it.

  7. This is mostly true, depends how cold your climate is. Doesn't matter if it's soil or coco – you don't want your plants roots sitting in saturated media

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