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Find out more about CBD Benefits and Uses: ——————– Our mission is to restore health, strength and vitality by providing history’s …


  1. I just got cureganics oil hopefullyit h were helps I have wegners, which is vasculitis, inflammation of the blood vessels, and rheumatoid arthritis.. I've narrowed down to medterra, green roads ,global advanced botanicals which I spoke with DR. Michelle Weiner from news channel and let's get blunt with montel Williams both on that..I'm nervous I'm on methotrexate and tylenol ibuprofen 800mg and etc.. my physician said it was fine..thanks very informative

  2. In order for a tincture to work at all, does the user need tide it for a number of days before the most benefits take place or could it be immediate? Thank you Knox Docs!

  3. I am in menopause and had suffered from cystic acne. I started putting hemp oil on my chin where the acne was and it cleared my acne. Will keep buying it and use for this reason.

  4. Great info! There are so many companies selling CBD. How do you know if you are getting a quality product? Are there any brands you can recommend? Thanks!

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