How to Determine When to Send your Cannabis Plants to Flower w/Pigeons420

Hope this helps you determine if your girls are ready! I love to talk cannabis! You can follow me at these places sometimes too! Instagram: Pigeons420 Facebook: Pigeons FourTwenty Twitter:…


  1. I have a question about floweing, I am growing a mochi gelato strain but it’s seems like it didn’t grew a lot it’s like about 1ft and half and it has entered to flower stage already and it’s been two months of veg… I also have two more of diff strains one is way bigger and bushier, can I put them to flower all together since mochi entered already??

  2. I' got a six-by-six Room but only have one Light for 4 plants!
    2 of my plants are 2 ft tall while the other are 15 & 19 Inches so I probably should have already put mines to flower huh ?
    cause that's gonna mean they will get huge and I might not have enoug space a light right ?!?

  3. Great video bro!! I was almost starting to worry cause my plants are taking longer to veg…but I heard you say that you've been vegging for 2 1/2 month….thats a relief:)

  4. 1:30 "How much are we looking to harvest"? = "…..we are all looking for the pounds!!"…..hahaha Thanks for the info my friend. I'm about to go into flowering stage in a week or two and this video has helped.

  5. White Widow is awesome for nausea. My wife has been fighting cancer for about 3 years now. When the meds they gave her for the nausea quit working a caregiver friend gave us some White Widow. She's allergic to the smoke but he told us if she did 2 to 3 small tokes she should be fine and would build up a tolerance to it over time. Just 2 to 3 small tokes was all it took to do what the meds couldn't. Within 5 minutes her nausea was gone. I'm hitting that subscribe button right now.

  6. just know that new Growers like myself, really do appreciate the useful knowledge that you more experienced Growers have and you're willing to go through all this trouble just to share it..

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