How To Cure Your Cancer Or Brain Tumor With Cannabis Oil

How To Safely Make Life Saving Cannabis Oil (Rick Simpson Oil) with Mike Wise Learn the most efficient way of how to make Rick Simpson Oil to cure your cancer, brain tumor, or any other disease;…


  1. its actually insane to me how little of views this video has, just shows we have much more to go in this journey of taking our health and our destiny back into our own hands and away from the corrupt and the evil…

  2. Been looking for a video and information like this for so long & luckily just have came across this through a link on fb .thank you thank you will help the lives of many thank you so much

  3. What do think about THCA in the fight for pancreatic cancer my sister is terminal in real trouble from side effects every time we get on a roll distribution in treating problems bleeding gastro issues and I’m checking my list of need cannibis products hand tincture and FECO oil I need to be in touch will you like yesterday. I’ll find you. Please help

  4. I have stage 4 positive hormone breast metastic cancer her2-… I will be taking a chemo pill and hormone blocker and need to know if the chemo pill and hormone blocker will interfere with taking a gram a day of high thc/cbd? Again, what would be the proportions if possible

  5. This is a somewhat modified version of the Rick Simpson method for making Cannabis oil. Why not at least mention the man who made this popular, Rick Simpson, giving him credit?

  6. YT is banning any video about plants curing illness, and deleting any channel they deem "not financially viable".
    I hope this important information has been uploaded to more permanent platforms like Steem, Minds, 3Speak, etc!

  7. Awesome video, wish it would have showed him pouring the rest of the bottles in to evap off, the alcohol to get down to the bottom of the pan, there's no way all that cost $100 I can't find a gallon of everclear cheaper than that LOL, but either way awesome vid keep up the great work brother

  8. I have lung cancer which has now spread to liver. I am bed bound. But I have relatives/friends that would travel to get this for me. I cant make it. Please give me your email address. I am terminal. Thanks.

  9. Why treat the symptoms with CBD, when you can heal the ailment with pure THC? Don't make any sense to me, that people don't see the cure is in those trees… not just symptoms to be relieved,,, health & wellness can be achieved… It's a miracle beyond belief…Now you know where to find relief.

  10. This is so cool Mike, loved the info and cant wait to get started making this stuff, its been quite a ride firstly hearing about RSO and FECO and finally discovering this video showing a very good description of the step by step procedure. Were invincible now! thanks man. The Grain alcohol is tough to find in Canada, but fortunately I'm not far from Alberta

  11. The laser thermometer is NOT accurate when measuring liquids. Stop using it.!! It will be 25 points off at least and your decarbing will not be what you think…the only reason it seems to work for you is the long time you have boiling things away. 110 degrees C for 110 minutes acc. to British Intell.

  12. Where can I get quality high c?  Where do you buy it?  Can I buy it already dried or I need to buy it fresh and dry in sun?  Also when you talk about 2nd wash, do you re use the same alcohol that you used 1st time or put new alcohol for 2nd wash and toss the old alcohol?  Or you don't toss any alcohol but use the 2 new washes, which is this video becomes 8 partial mason jars that you reduced.  Is this instruction coming from Rick Simpson instruction book the exact way he teaches, since you state it is Rick Simpson oil?  Have you seen it cure Hairy Cell Leukemia?  Appreciate your answer.

  13. Rick Simpson is a asshole! He told us a decade ago he ws giving us this information for free now he's just a sell out hiding behind his production company trying to shut down channels that shared some of his videos. Not to mention he's an old school dinosaur that thinks he knows but that certiany far from the truth. I don't like sell out and posers like you. You came to my channel before to rub it in how you were making Tshits with the name CannabisSavesLives when you know you took that name from my channel poser LMFAO! I enjoying life dude and doing what I do and I will keep on doing it but hey atleast I'm not a pathetic poser with his nose up Rick Simpsons ass hahah

  14. Mike,
    Can you please help me to make this oil? I’ve had 4 brain surgeries, 2 rounds of radiation, 3 rounds of chemotherapy in the past 11 years for a stubborn brain tumor that keeps returning & causing major damage to my body. It is growing again despite everything that my UCSF doctors have been doing throughout the years & I am no longer willing to take the Western Medicine route. Please help me to make this high % THC INDICA OIL to save my life. I need the strongest form. Any medical records you need I will forward them to you, same day likely within hours. This has now become a life & death matter. And I don’t want to die. I’m only 31.
    Please contact me!

  15. Great work Mike Wise , I suffer from RRMS and currently vape, also use Pharmaceutical Drugs & wish to do this oil like you & Rick have mentioned—Superb!

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