How marijuana legalization could change Canada

The Liberals campaigned on the promise to legalize marijuana. David Common looks at how it could change Canada. Click here for the full story: …


  1. I don't smoke marijuana or do any drugs whatsoever, I've never stepped foot in a marijuana store. 20 year ago in my province I remember it cost $3600 for a pound of marijuana on the black market and now in 2020 in my province it cost $1000 for a pound on the black market since . Any person that I know of that smoke's that crap doesn't pay the ridiculous prices the Canadian government is changing.

  2. "The use of drugs inflicts very grave damage on human health and life. Their use, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, is a grave offense."- Catechism  of the Catholic Church, Part 3, Section 2, Chapter 2, Article 5, Subsection 2, Paragraph 2291

  3. The will will never pass because of the conservative party . They are the "family values party ." They think that the fabric of society will come apart . Remember the last conservative government with Peter Mackay in bed with US gun lobyists . Some family values party ha !

  4. this is ridiculous. every middle aged white conservative man knows the dangers of marijuana. even though its been proven 100x safer than the alcohol i drink everyday after working my blue collar tax paying job. the devils lettuce will ruin this countries christian morals

  5. DR. Raphael Mechoulam and his team did the research for the rest of the world. You would think this Canadian, government banks on research and development.????????????

  6. Dont care what legal marijuana can do for Canada. Only care about having to spending half my income on a freakin PLANT! A $1.00 head of lettuces would do me 6 months but you wana jack the price to the max, just barely undercutting criminal dealers till you monopolize the delivery system in order to protect children that need to be saved from criminal marijuana. All the while we got drunks killing & maiming with pharma OD's galore. Nobody believes the politicaly correct liberal media anymore & we have our own news sources & our own set of lies. Your supposed 5% of Canadians ADMIT to being a filthy pot smoking ridiculed & slandered criminals. Jet set Justins gona be our new rip off artiest dealer ? Ya, maybe for one term & we'll see haw many marijuana users there really are in this country

  7. IF they do not follow through with this they will be leaving a billion dollar industry untapped in a time when Canada could very much use the economic growth. Make the right decision.


  9. Dr. Melamede, an expert on the science of cannabis biochemistry, says that people who use cannabis should get an anti-tax, or credit, because the use of cannabis will decrease overall healthcare costs, social costs, etc…, and so it should be rewarded and encouraged!

    Check him out on youtube.

  10. I'm no economist but wouldn't legalization:

    – Cut down on organized crime
    – Provide relief to those in pain
    – Increase revenue for Canada by "a fuck ton"
    – Reduce money spent on police and courts on possession
    – Create Jobs.

    Honestly am I missing anything?

    Here are some of the negatives on the opposition I could answer:

    – Nobody is advocating for smoking (and drinking under the influence for driving) there should be stiff penalties.
    – Nobody is advocating to be selling marijuana to children and teens. Also same restrictions should apply as alcohol.
    – All kinds of products of mariijuana, sold by stores, should have ingredient and warning labels just like alcohol.
    – Marijuana is nowhere near as addictive as alcohol and cigarettes and if you advocate for those it really is hypocritical to argue otherwise.
    – Marijuana may be more potent than alcohol in smaller doses, but it also last much shorter than alcohol.
    – Smoking weed doesn't make you violent like alcohol.
    -Smoking weed doesn't mean you can't contribute to society. I know people of people who drink like crazy and function and some who don't. The same applies for marijuana there are exceptions.

    I am most likely leaving out some things but the only negative I can think of is in apartment buildings. Older buildings would definitely smell more of marijuana than newer ones. Older buildings also smells a lot like cigarettes and I can tell when my neighbors smoke. Another way to fix the smell is to vaporize rather than smoke. It gets rid of the smell, it's healthier because you get pure THC vapor rather than smoke and paper.

    Honestly I'm forgetting things but these are facts of marijuana. If I forgot anything or there are questions please let's have a discussion. This is also coming from somebody who smokes marijuana maybe 5 times a year. I drink much more than I smoke and I can tell the difference.

  11. bottom line is: as a adult male i should be able to smoke marijuana if i want to.if I want to smoke it at home why cant I?..because a politician says i cant?..nice freedom! crime should be common law!..I.E no victim ,no crime!! and im not even a smoker! use to be but grew out of it..i can drink myself to death but i go to jail for a joint? come on! but in logical thinking if governments made sense the world wouldn't be so fucked up!

  12. I'm conservative but I fully support the legalization and regulation of marijuana.. Don't label all conservatives lol. There isn't a tunnel vision view to each issue with respect to which party you support..

  13. The only thing I'll miss is the human element of buying weed now. You go to the guy's place, usually chat for a bit, sometimes even smoke together. It's kind of nice but when it's legalized it'll be like going to a Walmart with faceless cashiers conducting business in that sterile unnaturally cheerful fake way they do.

  14. This still blows my mind. I mean if this all goes according to what Trudeau says, this time next year we could well be able to walk into the LCBO and buy some weed. How crazy is that? Not to mention the implications of the boom in economy, stocks of companies involved in the cannabis industry, and the tons of money the government will get from the taxes, which as they said will have to be kept low to prevent the black market from taking over.

  15. and don't play fucking stupid! of course it should be held at the same standard as alcohol to keep the reefer maddness people happy that were raised believing this will make you go fucking crazy ( and still somehow believe that propaganda)

  16. fuck off and deliver your fucking promise trudeau! schmoozing up with the queen and living the big life as PM! starting to make me feel sick to my stomach that the liberals are tugging at specific issues JUST to get voter support

  17. Prime minister said legalization is job one but now we find importing 25000 votes is actually in reality job one. Are these PPL going to Rockcliff? Nope, their coming to Emvale to stay with us. Hey Justin, Chop chop! I'm outa cash, outa weed & fresh outa patients being chased around by your pigs, living underground, paying through the nose. WHERES MY LEGAL WEED!? Or were you planing on decriminalizing & keeping the price fixed for your legal filthy rich king pin buddies to monopolize?

  18. Legalize it, 21+, tax it, no smoking weed in public, no advertisements, no driving while high. Put some drug dealers out of business, decrease the drug enforcement budget.

  19. 5% of Canadians use marijuana? This is definitely wrong and it is just a lie from the far right conservative thinkings trying to create a storm of negativity in Canadian minds! Oh no legalization may create a country full of marijuana addicts showing up to work high and loosing there jobs, oh no bigger social problems will occur, oh know we better start protesting! LMAO! I do not smoke marijuana, not because of its legality but because I do not like the effects so I choose not to just as I choose not to drink alcohol but I can tell you over 70% of my family and friends all use marijuana! I am in law school and over 70% of my fellow students that I know all use marijuana! I know lots of professional people who regularly use marijuana! They are not going to work high, come one now who does that? They wait till the evening and are relaxing at home before the blaze up! When is national going to stop spewing false data and out right lies and finally report some real news with real actual data?

  20. If more people use cannabis maybe there will be less consumption of alcohol and tobacco and less taxes on that end. Oops.. well I guess that would be a good thing….A harmless plant with no social or health issues associated with it …

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