1. My first plant was not easy to grow but a really fun experience.
    I live in Canada and it was January. My friend gave me a cutting of his plant. I had to bring it home but it was -20C (-4F) outside. So I got the plant home and the next morning it was completely black. It had died and turned black (dark brown) during the night.

    Then I decided to not give up, I cut all the little leafs and kept only the stem. After a few days, new tiny leafs started to come out. Over the weeks, the plant grew taller and taller but the stem stayed super thin, so I had to add a wooden stick to help it stay straight up.

    Winter passed and my plant was about 2ft tall but still super thin. When it was warm enough, I decided to leave it outside during the day so it can get as much energy as possible. A week later it grew a lot bigger and the stem became like wood. But there was too many thin branches and all the leafs became yellow. At this point a friend told me to cut it in half. So I did. It was a painful moment to cut my whole plant in half. But in the end it was the right thing to do. It grew larger but not taller. The leafs and branches made this round shape it looked like a tiny tree. Then it started to develop white hair and multiple "heads" were apparent. Few weeks later I had like 10 branches developing flowers. Small buds but, still buds.

    In October it was finally ready, I cut it down, hung it upside down for about 2 weeks. The smell was awesome. It gave me a little more than an once. It was super mellow, not strong at all. Tasted like mother nature and gave me the best feeling in the world.

    Well, it took me 9 months to grow a single plant. There were bumps on the road but I finally arrived at destination and I enjoyed every single gram of this plant. I don't like strong weed so this one was perfect. If you read everything, thanks man ! 😛

    BTW great vid even tho it's super old haha XD

  2. fair play mate well done with that plant.
    at 8.08 in the vid you said the yellowing leaves is because its done growing .just to let you know the yellowing with brown spots on the leaves is deficiency either nitrogen or magnesium
    keep up the great work mate

  3. did u use any nutrients? i am looking at growing without any bottled nutes. dependent mostly on the natural nutes carried in the soil by ants

  4. I don’t get why people cut so many leaves off. I’ve always heard you cut from underneath if you trim and if they lean just give them support not cut away leaves that help them absorb sunlight that’s seems backwards to me.

  5. I'll be real, I'm a hardcore grower that does high grade nutrients, pH, all that "scientific" shit while maintaining naturality and I must say I found myself saying I like you in the vid because of how chilled out you are about growing, I understand now some people just want to relax when growing and not do all that extra maintenance and still get dank buds. I prefer medical quality, so I will always go hard but you really humbled me my guy 💯

  6. Im absolutely terrible at growing but its still a plant that i put love and effort into and its worth smokin a joint at the end of the day my plants are always small and i just put the seed straight in the ground without germination and they grow

  7. Yo thx for this vid this is exactly what i was looking for. When i search up "how to grow weed" its all over complicated stuff. I just want a simple grow outdoors.

    and how old was she? im a first time grower greetings from belgium!

  8. Wtf do you mean at 2:21 ? Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ brother you said you left about this much from the bottom and that's impossible 😂 you can't fill a pot from the top with soil and stop it from reaching the bottom of it there's no fuckin way that made sense

  9. I’m about to grow outside I hope my bitch neighbors don’t peek and bitch ab it. And I know they some bitches always talking about mow your lawn stop parking on the grass. Fucking pussies

  10. No offense but u didnt top it bro. She woulda bushed out nicely. Im not hating tho she does look nice. U got lucky tho. That seed coulda been male so right on to u 👍 great for 1st time. Alot of rookies see buds and wanna harvest right away.

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