How CBD Has Changed My Life

I’ve talked about my anxiety before, but today, in addition to giving some other ways that I’m staying sane in quarantine while social distancing, I really wanted to …


  1. CBD is awesome, but have you tried some good kratom ever? for me even way better for anxiety, lack of energy and focus. But, the quality makes a difference, farmed one is just not anything like the original wildly grown one. And here in Indonesia we got only one project that sources and supplies real wild grown kratom, name is Borneo Energy, some kind of charity program. More than recommendable! Can find it from

  2. Furthermore….I suggest refraining from electronics before bed as they stimulate the mind. Pranayama and or camomile tea is great before bed. Glad youre happy with the CBD products!

  3. Paige….Id hesitate announcing your mantra as ' I'm always going to struggle with anxiety"
    Lets forget regular meditation. Lets definitely forget belief systems. However, humans have enjoyed the countless benefits of herbal medicine for thousands of years. As a naturopathic doctor I highly recommend regular use of Ashwaganda for its calming tendencies as its an adaptogen { adapt to stressful moments} Rhodiola is another adaptogen. Camomile is a callming plant used mostly in tea form. You practice yoga. Great. Pranayama is a very calming form of breathwork just alternating nostrils. This can be Googled for clarification and proceedure. Ive taught all the above for almost 30 years and patients found much success!!
    The above herbs can be purchased in any health food store.

  4. Paige in most of your videos u can kinda can hear in your voice your anxiety or nervousness and as a sufferer myself i really do feel for you ,
    I have just started golfing myself in wales in the UK but i will say this your videos are absolutely a inspiration and very helpful and informative after just seeing you felt you needed to do a playing career video u really didn't in my honest opinion you could have won nothing and still been helpful the way your videos are set out,
    but as a Brit i just wanna say i hope you keep growing as a person and keep these videos coming x .

    There are some horrible people in the world ignore those plebs and enjoy the sport u love my anxiety is similar its usually social anxiety so fishing and golf really help as i'm getting exercise but also only socialising with people i do like or trust (currently being taught the basics by my partners boy who is 14 but is definately a up and comer i hope , there will be people who disagree with any of yours or even my views on here but the world is a big place and everyone is entitled to an opinion we just have to ignore the negative ones there will be valid ones and also even true ones but u are who u are stay happy stay healthy and the rest will fall into place ,

    I understand with a massive following you will be tempted to endorse things and if you are getting paid to endorse these things that's great just be truthfull stay strong and we will all get through this nightmare together i know your a few weeks behind a lot of other countries with regards covid 19 but the truth is the further behind u are the better probably ure country will be in the long run as one it will be closer to the cure but also u will have more information for instance wales is 3 weeks behind England which i think is helping us as we are alot more rural than than england with its big cities,

    anyway ill stop rambling id love a reply if u have time all the best and stay safe ,

    kind regards

    mark x

  5. Hi Paige, Thanks for being courageous and candid about what you are dealing with. Maybe take a look at LENS neurofeedback. It is a game-changer. Neuroptimal Neurofeedback works well as well, and has been proven to help improve your golf game! Be well.

  6. I'm always positive Paige. Love that u r so positive and share your thoughts and feelings. I love your videos and I am a guy and I will only comment on how terrific u look. Stay positive Paige. Negative comments anger me. Stay safe and more videos please.

  7. I've watched a few of her videos now, I was curious if she did actually know what she was talking about when it came to golf.
    Clearly she does. She knows way more about the game than I do.
    But I swear she looks even more gorgeous with every video I have seen.

  8. I'm sssoooo sorry to hear about your bad burger experience…omg …i would absolutely die if that happened to me not literally but figuratively… man I can't imagine what you went thru …omg …THANK GOD your ok ..and keep up with the Fish …thats whats up ..just call yourself Your Fishness cause your so Awesome. Lol be safe make more vids keep us (your fans) entertained and surprised when we watch your vids as well!!!!

  9. do you use the broad spectrum or the pure CBD version and why? the website isn't descriptive enough on the benefits of using the board.

  10. Great advice, Logan wakes me every morning at 7:15 and we're off on a wonderful walk EVERY morning. Then a project because I'm single too, and Logan makes me laugh and spend tie with him makes each day great also !!! BTW He's a 4 yr old Alaskan Malamute)

  11. I have a solution for your anxiety…….give up social media for 1 complete year. All of it, Instagram, Twitter, tik tok, you tube. I guarantee your anxiety will vanish over that year, never to return.

  12. When You See Hemp Oil, Shop Carefully If you're shopping for CBD oil and you see the term hemp oil for cheap prices, you should be very careful.
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