1. Hello Jason, please talk about unilateral compound movements(like pistol squats, one arm ovh presses, one arm dumbbell rows) vs bilateral compound movements( like squats, barbell ovh presses, weighted chin ups), are unilateral compound movements less effective than their bilateral counterparts in terms of promoting strength and muscle at fullest potential? If so then why?

  2. Hey, Jason… If I have a life outside of the gym and don't want to waste too much time. Can I do rest pause sets with a weight of be doing with 5 reps or less rather than waiting a full 3 minutes to perform the set again? I already implement it on my volume days and I want to incorporate it on my max effort days too. (I'm running a concurrent training style of training.) Thanks, Lord Jason

  3. I've personally seen a friend use cannabis to ween off pain meds and come back from years of heavy opioid use, all prescribed, that made him an unintelligible bed ridden blob. It saved his life. That being said, I live in Colorado and have witnessed many people, including myself, smoke themselves stupid through years of heavy cannabis use. I PROMISE it doesn't make you smarter.

  4. Why do people care about this layne drama so much!? If you want drama open up a gossip magazine, watch some shitty day time TV. Stop trying to egg Jason on. It's pathetic. It's something you do in primary school. This is an informative channel. So learn something, fuck off and go benefit society

  5. Hey Jason are you going to do the online debate? It seems like this is the perfect opportunity to destroy layne with your superior knowledge! There is zero risk to you at all and this would be a huge boost to your channel. How can you possibly say no? When are you going to do the debate?

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