This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Todays video shows the harvest process I use for my medicinal cannabis. Im showing the drying and curing process.


  1. I hope every ones week went well. Please don't be shy about leaving your questions down below, I will reply 😉 even if its just a hello.

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  2. 2 questions my dude!
    1 – you recomend 55-65% RH but no fans or anything alike. Would a humidifier ruin the harvest? Or do the girls hold their RH around there if you chop them whole?
    2 – plastic bags ok for cure? Seems like everyone has their own opinion so just checking what your thoughts are on that. Thanks for the amazing content!

  3. You have First to cut the big leafs before curing??? Why you cut them after curing? You habe after this Color and taste problems with the stuff

  4. 2 weeks to harvest 4 beautiful northern lights 2 short stubby plants and 2 huge once all auto but looks like their gonna give me a good amount 3×600 watts philzon and I use green planet dual fuel kit for nutritions and the plants are happy and healthy I see crystals building up and it’s becoming sticky

  5. Awesome work, and it is a process I got some myself 2 weeks into harvest but not sure if it’s gonna get fatter bud wise. First time grower. What do you recommend.

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