1. Okay from the top of my plant, it's reggae I grow outside but at top of the plant there is these little balls, is this male? Or do you only judge from the stalk and nodes area

  2. yud be off to prison here if you got caught with that much, hence why i wana know if you can smoke male weed and get high im not pulling my one up gota ake what you can get i got two one male the other not sure but there young still

  3. why do you have weed on the floor using your dirty shoes to step on the same floor?! i assume people are gonna smoke that?! with dog shit particales in it. the plants on the floor look wayy too stringy for "processing" ,i would just do a bho run from that garbage,no offence its just not logical anything your showing in the video , very lowgrade and dirty, here in CALI the weed gets tested for pesticides and mites .

  4. I have a very large female that got fully pollinated (it's about 10') have you ever harvested a fully pollinated plant with lots of seeds? I'm wondering with more time if buds will develop as many of the forums I've read say they will, for now it has only seed pods. It's been flowering for about 3 weeks now.

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