Grow Marijuana: Harvesting Sour Diesel and Green Crack 4

Harvest marijuana branches that are small by stripping off cannabis leaves. Small leaves are best used to make concentrates or for cooking. Marijuana branches are chopped up and composted….


  1. I love this man I would pay top dollar to get my hands on a nice sativa grown by him. It’s truly insane the kind of quality flower someone like him can produce. I will never find anything remotely close to his best work at any dispensary ever unfortunately.

  2. Jorge- huge fan and student of the plant here. I'm doing a massive sour diesel indoor (just posted a new video of it on my page) and I've noticed that my sour diesels in particular aren't as dense as many of my other strains. is there anything you would suggest that would add to the density, or is this just a trait of sour diesel?
    any input would be tremendously appreciated

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