Grow Marijuana: Harvest Sativa Cannabis Today! 3

Harvest marijuana today! Jorge uses garden pruners to cut individual marijuana branches. First he cuts the horizontal trellis holding up his medical marijuana plants. He uses pruners to harvest…


  1. Jorge need to bundle it on 20-25 inch branches. It's so much less work at once. We just make bundles of one pound approximately. Then when we need more we just open a bundle and trim. We tried everyway and that's our favorite. *We've also like to cook with ours*

  2. c'mon guy. it's just evolution. your buds are bunk. 3 evolutions of wind and these plants could exist without the strings. grow a legitimate medicine.

  3. Hand trim is the way to go… something about being with the plant throughout the whole process. If you ever need a hand don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks for the continuing dedication. It is truly appreciated.

  4. Jorge.. Can you please make a video about breeding regular/feminized plants? If you haven't already. I'm interested in learning how to use my two last feminized seeds to making more feminized seeds.

  5. Mr cervantes. Se que tienes trabajos en castellano como la gran biblia de la marihuana. Pero deberias de hacer mas trabajos en castellano. Que los que tenemos buen clima para el cultivo somos españoles y latinos

  6. Shops in oregon are horrible. I wish the system would change. They are so unknowledgeable that you don't even want to buy from them. I had someone tell me yesterday that just because there is no CBD means that its a sativa…. I mean…. really? How do these people get hired? Not with qualifications, thats for sure.

  7. Man I hate trimming – only one thing worse is not having anything to trim !

    63 years old – you made me feel young again . I am only 46 and I am already fed up of young people thinking I am too old for cannabis unless that young person happens to be a police officer 😎

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