Grow Marijuana: Dry Marijuana Harvest for Cannabis Tinctures

Slow cure marijuana harvest. Video taken after one week of drying in 70-degree drying room. The marijuana harvest will take three weeks to dry completely.


  1. Jorge, this was an interesting video. I always knew that the taste was so much better when my dry room stays cooI, didn't realize that the slow method preserves more of the terpens. I have been criticized for taking 2 weeks to dry from some "experts" lol. Love your channel. Can you do one on avoiding theft, some different ideas that some folks have? I installed an electric fence, and considering razor wire in addition. Thx,L.

  2. Most people dry quickly to avoid mould and rot. If you do this then the bud needs to sit in jars to cure for several months – so I suppose this method is actually quicker

  3. Really enjoyed the knowledge shed on drying, you can grow the most beautiful/terpene enriched buds and completely ruin it during drying and even ruin it after that during curing. Cheers to you sir, take as much time as you need to spread the love of this medicinal plant. Cheers from Humboldt County, California!

  4. He drys them in cool temperatures because he wants to maintain the THC-A? This is the first i have heard of this. Can some one shed some light on the science of that?
    My eyes got wide with confusion cause i could have sworn he said he keeps the temperature low so the certain canabanoids doesn't decarb in the drying process…… might have hear him wrong though!

  5. after 3 weeks drying they are going to lose more active ingredient from natural breakdown than drying it in a warmer environment for 7 days

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