Flushing Cannabis Plants – Basic & Advanced Tips

Today on Lex’s World I discuss flushing (leaching) Cannabis plants before harvest and give you both the basic and advanced tips. All links are in the description. Due to my topic (Cannabis),…


  1. I've watched a lot of grow videos, lots of good tips and growers, but Lex's World is one of the best! Thanks for excellent information on all phases of cannabis!!

  2. Hey guys . I'm a new grower on week 8 of flower in coco … I've been flushing 9 days now and leaves are still green as can be ( guessing I severely overfed ) . Is this going to effect taste and smoothness … and is there anything else I can do to get those nutes out of leaves ???

    When flushing in soil, if you use and add microbes, then during flushing and even late flower I start adding cane molasses. Here's why!!

    Most people think adding suger makes your plants more sugary. Not the case, plants feed there self made sugars to the microbes, in return the microbes breakdown minerals aka nutrients and also give off other beneficial compounds in the process.

    However during late flower plants become stingy with their sugars and starve the microbes. So they end up going dormant and or dieing off. Therefore no longer doing their job. Adding suger keeps them productive longer!

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