First Time Growing Weed. Part 1. Day 01-14

This is the first time when I growing weed. Day 01-14. Using 200watt cfl. Grow box is very on budget. Please Rate, comment, subscribe. Enjoy and get High!! TheStonerGraphy.


  1. come on people. it's simple. seeds in wet wash cloth. keep warm, don't let them dry out. check them every day for progress. tails will come out in a day or two. maybe three even. depends on how fresh they are. plant them when the tails are a 1/4 in. long. use good soil like Fox farms and Happy frog. containers should have drainage holes and you can start under fluorescent lighting with a combination of cool white and warm white bulbs. 1warm for every 3-4cool. after they come up in the soil, water with wet and dry cycles. good luck.

  2. ive had put seeds in water for 48 hours and then i placed them in an airtight bag with paper towel for 48 hours but roots are not coming out of seeds. Where did I gone wrong? please answer anyone

  3. This is a fun video but doesn't provide any details. There's a great step by step guide to home growing at I got a complete kit from them. All I had to do was follow the instructions and add water, and my buds turned out amazing! Their facebook page gave pro tips and explained about Auto-Flowering seeds and how I could get a harvest every 3 months.

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