Finishing Touches Growing Cannabis

The last few weeks of the flower stages of growing cannabis need some finishing touches, this is how I start to finish my cannabis grow in the finally weeks of the flower/ blooming stage….


  1. John, I am new to your channel and I am just starting to make my own rosin using parchment paper. However, I saw the video where you analyzed your rosin and there was something floating in your solution. What do you suggest as the best choice to make rosin: parchment paper (bleached or unbleached) or the PTFE stuff?

  2. Johnny B is the man one of the best Canadians i watch . he knows his shit . hes the OJ of the Cannabis community. cops cant touch him. buy a white Bronco and make'em Chase you next time Johnny and put that shit on Facebook . dont forget your gloves

  3. Where you do not look everywhere dirt, all the tools are scattered on the floor, all plants suffer from an overdose of fertilizers … the bad out of you Grover

  4. I gotta give you a big thumbs up cause I've been watching for awhile now (since you cut down you crop last time) and this room has turned around so well they look great man .. love watching your videos

  5. hey john you should totally wear grow room glasses for your safety, all this lighting is way too intense.
    plants looking awesome! keep rocking =)

  6. John,
    Thanks brother! i just harvested my medicine. it is amazing! your tip of 48 hours of dark turned my buds into sugar balls!! holy THC batman!! i named it "hearts delight" i saved 2 seeds for you if ever want them , they are yours as thanks for helping me get over the hump of mediocre grows. thanks man! nothing in the world feels as good as producing it myself!! EDEN!!

  7. Happy early Easter John I know you may not celebrate Easter till tomorrow I hope you have a great day as well as a bright future keep those trees a blooming and the herb a burning =)

  8. Love your channel bro, I live in the Fraser Valley, in between Maple Ridge and Mission. It's awesome knowing you're from around here. You've taught me so much. Best wishes with the neck, hopefully it will heal up in no time. Sending positive healing energy brotha!

  9. how's your "bug problem" did you try that solution I mentioned, using washing-up liquid 2-3 drops in half a litre water in a hand held spray bottle once a week works outside a treat as well

  10. Looks Great. I like Medione also.Hope your final weeks are just as great.I think your early flushing is a great idea and will try as well.Looking forward to seeing your results.

  11. also hope it don't take half a year for a harvest I wanna see another harvest three months from now go out and get twelve new clones dunk em to get rid of bugs then bam three months later another harvest

  12. very nice room jonhy..
    how many watts you using;;;
    who is your favorite strain;;
    for max -rooting you using mycoriza or another root ormone;
    and if you got some your srain..
    thanks from greco!

  13. Hey John Long time Fan, Just wanted to let you know that you inspirer me to grow my own and continuously do better and better, Love your Videos Keep doing whats you doing man, You've helped me more than you know man just hope i can become the grower your are, You Are The Boss

  14. Hey John, i am noticing you keep your lights really far above your canopy. Is there a reason for that? I run a 1000 watt HPS and i keep it within 30 inches of my canopy, based on heat and manufacturer recommendations. I am getting some leaf curl (tacoing) do you think it could be related to the light being too powerful? I know PAR is the best way to measure usable light for a plant, but i have also read that you can use the general rule of 1000 FC (foot Candles) to get an idea about your light intensity, 1000 being quite optimal for plant growth. I am getting reading between 1800-3500 FC depending if they are directly under the bulb, or more toward the outer edge of the lighting. Am i overdoing the light? Other than the Curl, everything seems healthy and happy.

  15. just thinking….one it's organic…most of the same shit I use….and two…it's at 4weeks?…not knockin your style we all do our own ways…BUT…I think u will greatly reduce your yield by flushing that early and it's not even that important if you're not using synthetics. I'd feed on into week 6 if they're 8 week strains. oh I just heard u say it's not all organic grown.but still …flushing at week 4?just saying​….I'd give em nutes till week 6.looks good tho.

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