Federal Cannabis Legalization News – June 2020

Federal Cannabis Legalization News June 2020 Florida’s cannabis program could be unconstitutional. Illinois moves closer to awarding new dispensary …


  1. I want to take time to mention a medical marijuana benefit that I have not heard mentioned.some Psychiatric medications carry a heavy withdraw battle with awful withdraw effects. I am a medical marijuana patient and I have tried weening off of meds many times. Everytime I did so I experienced debilitating withdraw side effects. Here recently I learned that consuming marijuana while trying to taper down on certain psych meds took away my withdraw symptoms! Now I have hope in someday being psych med free!

  2. I was mad about some stuff yall said cause it seemed like youre digging, but then you started talking about the2nd amendment and patriotic stuff and my ear turned back lol

  3. I live in Washington state but I work in Idaho. My company contracts with the federal government so I have to wait for full federal legalization. It's a painfully long, slow wait

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