Exclusive tour of CannTrust – Pesticide-Free Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility in Canada

GGS Structures Inc., a manufacturer of complete marijuana growing systems, had the opportunity to tour one of our customer’s cultivation facilities – CannTrust. This is a 40000 sq ft medicinal…


  1. Great work by gigs, unfortunately, for anyone who doesn’t yet know, CannTrust is dead, all because of greed. The upper management geniuses who think they know it all allowed two crops in 5 massive rooms at Niagara to grow and harvest prior to being licensed to do so. Big mistake. One they now will not recover from. I feel bad for this grower, because you know he prob will lose his job, and couldn’t have stopped the illegal growing if he wanted to.

  2. I’m Arthur from Plantgarden, our major products is light fixtures for plants, especially for Cannabis.
    Any of your customer intrested in the light fixtures?

  3. UH get a mic UH I thought I wanted to watch this UH but there was a serious distraction UH gave white noise a UH bad name fo shizzle 😂👎🏾

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