Effects of Marijuana for PTSD, ADHD, Anxiety and Depression

My experience with Marijuana being diagnosed with PTSD, ADHD, GAD, and MDD. If you are struggling you can try betterhelp for online therapy it is trial and …


  1. I definitely feel this i have had some bad experience with paranoia and anxiety a little cbd helps my anxiety and weed helps my depression bc currently I cant get therapy it doesn't take away the sadness but helps me to go on to another day and not feel as much hopelessness I think when I get therapy I will be doing alot better thank you for sharing your experience tho and not bashing anyone who it works for😊🤎

  2. I'm diagnosed with CPTSD and weed is the only thing iv found that helps with it, I'm also diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type, anxiety, BPD amd anorexia, weed helps with my anxiety my depression my extreme moods my nightmares my paranoia, and it helps me function, I'm also a suicide attempt survive and struggle with suicidal thought and ideation and self harm, weed helps alot with my suicidal thoughts and self harm, I dont want to destroy myself when I'm high, i mean I guess everyone is different but weed really helps with my mental health and there are days that are so bad the the only reason I dont kill myself is because im high, I was also a alcoholic for years and on cocaine meth and alot if other shit and got clean from everything using weed, im now over a year clean from drugs and 1 month sober from alcohol, but yeah this weed is tbh one of the reasons I'm still alive, and I haven't attempted suicide on almost 2 years amd that's the longest iv ever gone without attempting suicide since I was 8 years old, so weed has definitely helped me and that's why I smoke everyday, I'm on 7 different meds a day multiple times day and weed helps more than any of the meds, so yeah

  3. I have Tourette’s Syndrome. School K-12 was tough. Began using cannabis at age 18 and life got better. I never used it before or during work, but helped in the evening and staved off most of my impulse actions through the next day. Started drinking coffee at 21 working long and stressful technology related retail hours. Became addicted to caffeine. 7 years later was drinking a venti drip coffee with three shots of espresso three times a day to feel & think normal. Fast forward to passing the age of 40 and the wife convinced me I may have ADHD. Turns out I did… and I learned roughly 80% of those with Tourette’s have ADHD. Using cannabis responsibly in the evenings helps me slow down, sleep and cure the muscle tension amphetamines cause.

    I’m a believer in CBD and medical use cannabis. I’d love to hear from others who have Tourette’s of you have similar or different results.

    P.s. – the two different strains of medical cannabis make a huge difference!!!

    Sativa for daytime or creative/up lifting use.

    Indica for sleeping/severe body pain & ailments. Indica is NOT good for day use. Remember it by thinking “IN-DA-Couch” … the classic “stoner” stereotype association.

    I also agree with other comments – medical cannabis use means responsible use. You use too much, you get “high”. Exactly the same as taking too high a dose of ADHD medication, except you can have a heart attack from amphetamine salt overdose… you can’t die from marijuana use, but you can sure feel silly, tired, or have the mad munchies if you abuse it!

    Stick with the rule for everything in life – ALL THINGS IN MODERATION.


  4. , I used to be an avid smoker of “Black Market Vape Carts” last year. The last time I smoked was July 2019 I had a panic attack. I’ve been pretty worried about smoking cannabis ever since I used to use it almost every day and suddenly I got scared out of using it. Is their something in those black market carts that trigger panic attacks? Will actual medical cannabis not have that affect? I don’t know if you’re going to see this but if you do I’d love some advice. I used to smoke cannabis after a long days work and it was great for my recovery as well as after workouts. I truly do miss it and I’m scared to try again.

  5. Eric eat the weed. It doesnt get you high but it does make you relaxed. Just chew up a bud and swallow. Sounds weird but I'm telling you. I'd like to hear what you think.

  6. hey!! there are Many species of weed. just like indica, sativa, anfibia.. maybe a sativa will set better for you. Also CBD to taiste the flavour is another way to smoke and dont get high. but if u know that you cant smoke, do note smoke!!

  7. I've been on weed for 4 years when I was homeless.And I smoked a lot.It made me feel like a zombie but I also made it through the day on it somehow.At this time I didn't take meds.I stopped about 5 years ago when I moved to the facility and started taking meds again

  8. For my mental illnesses (which are very, very, similar to yours) weed fucked me up majorly too. Gave me panic and anxiety. What I did find helps though is hash. It gives you more of a body buzz and puts you in a good mood. You don't get that paranoia. Then it tapers off very slowly. I wouldn't do a lot. I smoke like one small bowl of it and it helps me so much.

    Also, that pissing your pants feeling I get as well. It's because pot fucks with your actual nerves and makes you hyperaware of your entire body. I find that hash doesn't do that at all to me.

    I honestly believed I would never find a way to smoke pot that helped until I smoked a bit of hash. That is my savior. I can only go outside to a major populated areas with it.

  9. My anxiety is so bad I tend to only smoke 2 hits at a time cuz more causes paranoia, but it was the only thing that helped before I got on Prozac, it still calms panic attacks and the rapid negative thought pattern gets disrupted it’s like the only time my brain isn’t rapidly firing thoughts. The rocking does increase but that’s but the worst thing that can happen so overall my experience has been 95% positive.

  10. I have ADHD, Anxiety, Depressing, EBD, ODD, OCD… I smoke weed and still do it helps a lot it makes you feel a lot better and it is like a relief from everything and it takes your mind off things, but I’m trying to stop.

  11. This actually describes what I’m like on weed exept for the fact I was sick for like 6 months due to panic attacks it was hell also it worsened my paranoia for the same amount of time

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