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3/02/2016: You’ve probably seen the PSAs and afterschool specials, but how accurate are they? Does marijuana really affect your emotions and empathy? music: ‘Heart Ache’ by Broke For…


  1. you are wrong. Studies show how EVERYONE nowadays cannot comprehend facial expressions and because of TECHNOLOGY not weed. Back in day when there was less technology EVERYONE had a better score and there was weed lmao good try tho

  2. If you’re depressed or have some other psychological issue then you shouldn’t be using. Find and heal the root of your psychological issues and then consider using drugs. Your brain is vulnerable and will just cling on to whatever makes you feel good or normal.

  3. weed is evil.
    its ok to smoke once every three or four years.
    levels you out for a week.
    but its not a fun drug for sure.

    heroin or codine are fun drugs.
    weed is pure trash that pollutes your mind and body

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  5. Its a rare case but can definitely happen. It depends on the person but i smoked once a day for about two months and my emotions are gone. I now feel numb to most feelings except anger and i don't have interest or passion for things like i use to. It's because of how your dopamine receptors get worked out and can't produce dopamine as fast and efficiently, so it takes time for your brain to heal. Anyone else have this experience?

  6. Maybe the picture they where showing where fake as fuck and the weed subjects saw trough that and not like the other "sober" subjects filled with fluoride as the guy smearing words and trying to have my attention in this video.

  7. I remember once when the anti-pot baby boomers had their time out west and schedule 1'd a plant. It just tickles me pink to know that someone's going to burp out a bong it in their faces.

  8. The sad thing about the marijuana community is that they seem to take any study that shows it in a slightly negative light as an insult to them and their life style. I partake, but I'm also very conscious of my health and try to keep up to date with as much research as I can. Cigarettes were considered healthy at one point in human history….

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