1. You're right when you say drugs have side effects, but you need to study keto diet more in depth. 2 year Virta health trial show all markers improving, even though LDL went up. It was non atherogenic large buoyant LDL

  2. I would never take serious on this topic the word of a man in spectacles wearing a lab coat! I mean lets just do the math here, this guy has the spec's, spec's check, lab check, lab coat check, so he obviously is in the business of research and medicine!, well they want to research things that make money, we can all make medicine from cannabis, and it costs us nothing to eat the right way, so there's no money for these guy's in these very usefull way's of battling cancers and other diseases, I mean he says if we starve gluecose we mess with other things making us ill??? when very many people are extremely healthy whilst eating zero sugars on a keto adapted diet? a LIE, and that CANNABIS WONT HELP ALL CANCER? yet there are success stories popping up all over the internet of almost every type of cancer being beaten, and now the American gov even admit it does fight cancer and kill cancer cells!

    you my friend are an anti human and should be shamed of yourself for discrediting these things when you clearly havn't bothered to do real research in lab to prove your garbage, just more of the same old shit, I know someone who's still alive today because of cannabis oil, I rest my case

  3. hi there. just came across your channel and it's amazing.Thanks for making these videos and please do keep us updated on latest research. my question to you is do we really need a phd to do research and can a master's or MD do research as well.And what are your thoughts on MD/Phd.

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