DIY – Making Cannabis Oil “Shatter” Denatured Alcohol – THC/CBD “ISO” Extraction – Wax Concentrate

DIY – Making Cannabis Oil “Shatter” Using Denatured Alcohol – THC/CBD “ISO” Extraction – Medical Marijuana Wax Concentrate.


  1. You need to fix the error in your video where you said to use denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol is poisonous and not the same thing as a high % grain alcohol like everclear.

  2. Denatured alcohol has methanol deliberately added to make it unfit and poisonous for direct human consumption. Methanol consumed in even small quantities can kill you or permanently blind you. That being said, methanol has a lower boiling point than ethanol. Therefore when the extraction is boiled the first component to leave is the methanol. With the boiling off of the alcohol, there should be zero methanol left. But….would you want to take a chance of being permanently blind?

  3. This video contradicts the other half dozen videos i have watched on this topic particularly the use of denatured alcohol, heating on a kitchen stove to name a few. I am starting to wonder how many people doing these how to videos actually know how to.

  4. For shatter you need to stur it longer but first put it in the chamber ;)) then you have you solid and clean extract wax .. Then try to put it in a small pyrex dish .. warm it slow and low heat ;)arround the 115-120 degrees CELSIUS.. The wax will get clear again and after a hour or so and still sturring you will have your clear shatter ;))

  5. You can also put the pyrex dish right at once in the warm water .. THEN start the extraction so you poor it in an already warm dish . The proces starts immidiatly ;)) And it takes way shorter than the way first plate then i side then on water … But Hey everybody makes his medicine on his or her own way offcourse 😉 its just a tip ;))

  6. Haha you were high as fuck huhh when you made this video 😂😂👌👌👌Love it but hard to listen haha so softly you spoke ;)) I have a tip : use a Rice cooker to evaporate the ethanol . Or use consumer alcohol but thats Fucking expensive 😉 I use Isopropanol, .. but i prefer the BHO extraction way .. Use the Butane tubes and a vacuüm chamber .. After like 10-20 hours in the chamber man you take a dab of the cookies you will find in it and haha you take off to Heaven ;))) Fucking strong and fire like Hell;))))))))) Rice cooker also outside and a fan on it even when you are outside ;)!

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