Custom Hash Oil For Your Vape Pen

Abdullah meets up with John Dawson from Kung Fu Vapes to create some unique flavors of hash oil. ‘Marijuana Murder Mystery’ airs Wednesday, 1/18 (Friday, 1/20 in CA) on VICELAND:


  1. Anyone can post a video putting THC distillate in a vape cart and adding a micro drop of terpenes but where's the f**** dislike like it said unique cards to thumb now what's so f**** unique just filling it up and hang a drop? Or do you use some kind of special terpene infused wax liquidizer and then push it through a syringe filter to get the waxes and fats out lipids? This video is very f**** retarded I'm sorry I'm not trying to be mean anybody can do this is retarded how much do used at this cat let me go up now I can't let him run a comment but I don't know how much views this thing got if it's a lot f*** I'm a f**** do the same thing I'll create a channel and put THC distillate and a very tiny microdrop drop of terpenes see if I can get as much or more views then these dumbasses real stupid s*** this is not knowledge editorial

  2. I love all the interesting stuff vice does is short, but boring pieces are long and drawn out like a first time comic at a trash can fire… lame.. wanted to see how it’s done so I could do it myself..

  3. They don’t tell you how much they dilute the shit in those pens – dabs, rosin, shatter, wax, shit … even hash are always going to better then those shitty vape cartridges unless you make your own and know how strong it is and know there isn’t some weird ass shit in their

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