1. I have Lung CANCER starting Chemotherapy on Monday Has anyone heard of rice made from marijuana used for cancer treatment. I know it is expensive but haven't heard much about it?

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  5. Nope never actually found a actual case. I been trying to look for a case not just these stupid fake actors they put on to promote this crap. They are fooling you. They are lies.

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    lung cancer on October 18, 2013.If not for the mis-understanding

    and skeptism my husband would have still been alive today.


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  9. Marijuana might be good for people in pain with untreatable diseases because it dulls the emotions, and raises the appetite.
    It is very addictive, I dont know anybody that smokes a joint a week, you either smoke all day long or dont smoke at all – it is the same with all other drugs, except for alcohol, which can be used moderately. Now alot of people will say ooooo alcohol, it is poison, yes but you can have a few drinks on Friday and not drink for a week, gl doing that with marijuana. In the long term marijuana causes depression and anxiety, paranoia and disturbs the sleep pattern, you litteraly dont have dreams at all, the dark circles beneath the eyes of people who smoke and sleep 10 h a day say it all.
    Dont spread such misinformation because alot of kids go around and say stuff like "its a plant so its not bad, it cures cancer" so on so forth while their brain physiology slowly deteriorates, no permanent damage except for people predisposed to mental illness, but it is hard to quit it and see the real life. More precisely, it is hard to see the reason for quitting, but it is obvious – your brain turns to shit.
    A relative of mine just got saved from cancer a few months ago with radiation and chemotherapy, he is well now. I bet if he smoked weed instead (or whatever fancy method), hed be long gone by now.
    Cut the bullshit please, because alot of young peoples lives go by them and they are like bystanders, not living it at all, trust me I used to smoke weed for more than 10 years every day believing the myths. It is crap, a drug, it is bad for your brain. If you want to relieve terminally ill you give them morphine, because it is the best painkiller and addiction is not a factor. Weed doesnt cure shit. if you believe in something it will make you feel better I know. But why a drug and not maple syrup for example? Cut the crap.

  10. Have you look in to trying RSO? Its an amazing oil. Here is an amazing Website where you will get so many great testimonies from patients who have used it to over come with their journey. http://www.onlinemedicalcannabisstore.com this company also offer the oil for any patient who is interested. I highly recommend RSO for all cancer patients as I am a living testimony for what it can do. I am 4 years cancer free thanks to this oil.

  11. k maak THC /CBD-olie zelf volgens Simpson methode, sinds de longkanker van mijn oma. Het bleek toen erg lastig, aan THC olie te komen, óf tegen absurde prijzen, óf we kregen een of ander slap aftreksel v/e internetaanbieder, óf we kregen gewoon helemaal niets, nadat we al betaald hadden!
    Omdat ik het zelf maak, weet ik ook zeker dat ik goede olie heb, van daadwerkelijk 25% pure pasta (géén rare toevoegingen en géén leugens over het %THC of CBD, zoals vaak het geval is, bij de massaproductie van internetaanbieders/bedrijven/stichting SuverNuver)
    De overheid zou het daarom meer toegankelijk moeten maken, zodat mensen gewoon niet tegen zulke problemen aan kunnen lopen….
    Zelfs bij de apotheek, durven ze gewoon 180 euro te vragen voor een flesje (wel héél erg verdunde) THC olie!
    Zelf gebruik ik het voor mijn slaapproblemen en mijn partner voor de spierziekte. Het helpt écht goed.
    Mocht jij ook tegen bovengenoemde problemen aanlopen, of heb je vragen, kun je me altijd mailen: michelentiny@home.nl . wellicht dat ik je kan helpen ermee…

  12. For over 6 months my wife kept on complaining about bloating and her inability to pass stool. I believed it was just constipation because we all do have this symptoms sometimes in our lives to be honest. It went on for months and when her stool became black with pains around her abdomen, we knew we had to see the doctor (maybe we shouldn't had delayed this). An ultra sound and colonscopy was carried out and then we heard the shock of our lives, she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with mets to her liver already.

    She rushed into treatment and she was already into 2 rounds of chemo when her body couldn't take it anymore. I prayed and did everything I could care for her because I knew very well if she was in my shoes she'll do the same and lots more. Taking care of the kids with little help from her was the hardest part. Cannabis oil, dandelion root, essiac tea and any supplement I could find, i used them all just to give her more quality of life but they only stabled her condition.

    A friend of ours that went over to Mexico for alternative treatment for her breast cancer told us how effective it was and gave us the info of the herbalist that cured her.

    I contacted the herbalist without any real faith honestly because I knew we were losing this battle. He first of all changed her diets weekly and sent us his herbal Apollo oil and tea (doesn't contain any cannabis). It's been over 8 months since my wife used these herbs and every symptoms are gone. We did some scans and colonscopy and the oncologist declare her NED! my wife is kicking fine

    I know conventional treatment has helped some people but i can boldly claim and say I have witness the miracles of alternative meds. These herbs are the closets thing to a cure from my own experience. In the end I see no harm in trying from all angles to align your body to be strongest in assisting and fighting this horrible disease.

    For any one that wish to kill this disease natural, i believe you can and there is hope no matter how bad it may look, my wife is a testimony. Here is the personal contact for any one that wishes to contact the herbalist in Mexico; drehimenherbal@gmail.com

    I believe this saved someone and I also hope someone can also share their story to the world.

  13. These pharmas no the mofos r all about money it kills cancer cells illegal my ass they know the truth u think they will allow a multi billion industry give a cure out

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