Controlling the Size of Your Cannabis Plants: Kyle Kushman / Green Flower

Your cannabis plant will double in size before it stops growing.” How big do you want your cannabis to grow? According to award-winning top cannabis breeder …


  1. TweetMint plant wash is an awesome enzyme based formula with no harsh chemicals.
    I dip all of my clones in a light dilution of 1-2 oz. (2-4 TBS) per gallon of h20 before I start rooting in my cloner.
    I also use the same dilution for keeping my plants clean and on everything that comes into my grow space. This dilution will take care of any Spider mites, Russet mites, aphids and PM (molds)/ fungus, fungus nats etc. Nothing on the market compares.
    It’s Super concentrated and affordable.
    You can get it through Safe Solutions website, BuildASoil, Grow Generation, Grow Green, and Amazon,etc. love your video’s and content. Very educational and easy to understand you are awesome, keep them coming

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