Chicago dispensaries prepare for marijuana legalization on January 1

Recreational marijuana will be legal in Illinois in two days, and dispensaries are stocking up to make sure they have enough weed to go around. FULL STORY: …


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  3. Actually they should just allowed people to grow their own and keep out the corporations from taking over the state… Nothing is better than home grown anyways. What do corporate goons know about weed? Middle to low shelf at best. Home grows you can grow top shelf bud and have far superior quality.

  4. There are so many branches of revenue for this industry to empower people, not just people of color, everyone. Let just be grateful that we can create many jobs & businesses for it and pull our states out of the troubles. Here's one branch you can uses: Go the Facebook and search for the "The Pure Puff People"

  5. still gonna buy on the street because its the same quality but from other legal states but with no insane TAX! If tax was fair id always buy from legal places only. I want the taxes to "help" out people of Illinois but it won't. Illinois will piss the money away as usual

  6. I got news for all the “medical patients” all you are are Recreational customers. 😂 all the oh poor me “medical users” acting like the “rec users” are just buying up “their medicine” give me a break. It’s a shit show out there. You can still go to your normal “weed dealers” people. Why stand in that line for 4 hours when you can hit your guy up and not have to pay this ridiculous sales tax.

  7. Can't wait for all the News Stories. I wonder if the MSM will even cover them. Driving while high. Why can't I smoke pot at work? You can't drug test me at work, it's legal in Illinois. What do you mean I can't have Pot in my car in Wisconsin, it's legal where I live, you are violating my rights… Should be entertaining. And all brought to us by a crook that cheated us out of real estate taxes, and keeps his billions in the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes in the US. Wow, Illinoisans are not real smart…

  8. This shit is sad i swear mfs actn like this shit is cool. Politicians acting as if they did something great. Anything that alters your mind set isnt meant to be consumed. Smoke was not intended to go in uour lungs no kind. Thats why we breathe oxygen. This is not a victory. And people celebrating wow. So what happens when they relegalize coke because it helpa people with pain lmao see then what happens. Because thats next. Last days

  9. I can see Medical…but others are addicts which will occur much like alcohol! The chemicals in Marijuana are no better than cigarettes, especially for those with COPD, Allergies, Asthma, Emphysema, BPD or other breathing aspects, let alone those with Chemical Sensitivities.
    Every DUI will have to be checked now for THC Levels & those in Apartments/Condominiums need to check their By-Laws & Rules/Regulations for cigarette smoking policies as those policies should be applicable to ANY smoking. Trespass to another persons unit can also be argued as per many Building & Zoning Codes & Ordinances, exhausting to another unit or room, is usually a violation as is chemical trespass. It can also be pursued as a Nuisance or Right to Quiet Enjoyment Breach or an implied warranty of habitability. This should not justify FORCING someone out of their residence!!! Legal arguments in Court may need to be pursued.
    This should concern MANY as who wants our teachers, bus drivers, Social Workers, Doctors, Surgeons, Government Employees, Daycare Workers, etc., watching our children High? I guess those parents who would be High themselves at home. This can lead to more lackadaisical policy following allowing further abuse & misuse or more lawsuits & higher premiums. Hope some will continue to have stricter policies & enforcement when it comes to these concerns. NEXT they will legalize Opoids!

  10. Jeez everybody. Grow your own… even if you dont have a medical card. If you dont have a medical card and get caught growing it's only a civil infraction with a fine up to $200, totally worth the risk imo. Dispensaries are selling 8ths for $60 plus tax… fuuuuck that

  11. This just depresses Patients in Iowa that need products above a bloody 3% THC cap so they can have some type of Medical benefit. Look what Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds did to our only Medical Program with her veto. Think about the people that can't MOVE or travel and be grateful that IL gets it for play when people in Iowa that have been fighting for medical for years get absolutely NOTHING. Unhappy New year!

  12. How about Governor Reynolds overrides her veto on Iowa MEDICAL Patients, and we'll help you grow some for the people that use it for fun!!! Contact Governor Reynolds if you get sick of Iowans flooding your beautiful state.

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