Charlotte's Web medical cannabis soon to be widely available to Colorado children

Some children battling epilepsy have seen a drastic turnaround and reduction of seizures after using Charlotte’s Web, an oil made from marijuana plants very …


  1. I'll tell you marijuana is a gift from God I have cerebral palsy I was diagnosed at 3 and I was a high candidate for seizures and I know that one I'm about to say is going to make my parents look bad or my mom most of all because she introduced me to marijuana when I was about 7 years old and I used to struggle to use my Walker and get around and when I started smoking marijuana at relax me it made my mouth was not too tight and it definitely helped me out a lot and a lot of therapy but I can tell you marijuana is a gift from God we just don't use it in the right way so is in hemp hemp is a gift from God also we can stop cutting down trees but I'm one of them small town kids that you don't hear about that had cerebral palsy and marijuana helped because people were going to look down on my mom and dad's for doing it and I don't even believe that they knew at the time that it would help me it was just around just part of my world and it ended up helping so it was like a gift from God that's why I look at it like that

  2. Such bs when there is help and the shady government denies that. I am so happy that so people finally fought back and now there is help other then the "normal" pill route that only works for short time or not even at all!

  3. RIP Charlotte.
    The fight of one kid's parents moved mountains. Funding for CBD research is a huge achievement and it only came about because of the Figi family and their close relatives and friends who stood with them. Many people all over the world will likely benefit from the Figi's hard work.
    However, at a time when she was thriving, at 13 years and full of promise, it is sad that Charlotte Figi has been taken away by fatal complications from the COVID-19 virus. Our prayers for that family – and especially, Charlotte's twin sister.

  4. Little Charlotte had been through so much in her 13 years. Thank God for the Stanley bros and the product they produced to help Charlotte and others like her. RIP Charlotte…you're free baby. ❤

  5. Rest In Peace small angel. When I saw this on yahoo over a page topic. I was like plz don’t be Charlotte, plz don’t be Charlotte. It was Charlotte, and I am very sad. She was so brave. I admired her greatly.

  6. I've gotten the flu a week ago.
    It was the fourth day in and decided to take some cannabis oil & the fifth day I was up waking around like I didn't even have the virus. It's a cure that's why the GOV'TS are trying to corner the market and control the industry in their favour as usual to put a price tag on it. The gov't doesn't want healthy customer's. It's NOT profitable for their bottom line. It's safe in the long run and it kills all harmful pathogens & any mutant cell in the human body. The pharmaceutical companies have hundreds of tests to prove it is 100% safe. They are EVIL to keep this away from cancer patient's.

  7. Many western doctors aren’t trained in holistic care. They’re aren’t trained in nutrition, supplements, or anything natural. They are only trained in pharmaceuticals. They don’t fix problems, they just give you stuff to mange symptoms. This needs to change. I understand needing doctors trained in pharmaceuticals, but we need more holistic doctors too. I can’t find one where I live. I want to find out WHY I’m having increased anxiety/depression & fix that issue, not just take an antidepressant for it! Is a hormone imbalance? They don’t even try to test & find out why! It’s making me angry! I know my body, & I also know I wasn’t having this problem until about month three off birth control. I believe it’s an imbalance. Seems like they just want me to shut up, & keep taking my birth control, & take the antidepressant to cover up the side effects of the birth control! (Hormonal birth control was also increasing my anxiety ten fold, which was why I stopped taking it in the first place. My body has begun to reject it, & I’m having issues coming off of it too.)

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