CBD OIL FOR PAIN! Review & Side Effects

Hey guys! I posted a picture on instagram the other day using a CBD oil vape and I got so many questions that I thought i’d make a video about it! Let me know if …


  1. the whole schedule 1 classification for marijuana was designed to hurt and criminalize a certain group of people. so, it being such a stiff and absurd penalty for such a pure and healthy medicine seems unfair because it is just that, unfair. demonizing this plant benefits the powers that be… "they" can imprison innocent people and push these harsh man-made LEGAL drugs, its a win-win situation for "them". there's no money to be made when people are in good health.

  2. Has anyone taken the oil for arthritis pain and swollenes? I don't know how much to take. ibuprofen is working for me😞 do I need to have thc for it to work for me? Help☹️

  3. I found your channel because I was instructed to get the +CBD Oil by CV Sciences (got it at Feel Rite). I got the 200mg roll on. But it doesn’t have much on the label in the way of directions? Do I roll this right on my neck (where my pain is)? Or do I apply it to pushes points and let it absorb cutaneously that way? How much should I roll on? I just have no instruction to go on here 😂

  4. i’m 18 & i have severe anxiety , i want to try the cbd vape pens , will the vape pen make a difference from the oil drops ? i’m also new to this so would the drops be a better option than the vape ?

  5. Agreed, however when you vape it, regardless you are still damaging your lungs and can very well still get all types of cancer. If you put the oil on your tongue then that's fine.

  6. Need pain relief for headache after watching this video. Have never heard so many words spewed out with zero information backed up by science. 23 minutes of "I think" " I guess" so anyways

  7. WARNING EVERYONE! THE TITLE OF THIS VIDEO CAN BE MISINFORMING – DON'T look for CBD OIL to VAPE. You SHOULDN'T vape the oil. It's called CBD E LIQUID! if you want to VAPE it. CBD OIL is if you want to digest it via drops on your tongue or something like that. Don't get confused with hemp seed oil this is so much cheaper because it's another part of the plant with way less CBD hence why it's cheaper 🙂 BUT CBD E liquids are more Bio available or however you say it where basically it absorbs better via vaping x

  8. how do I send you some samples for some real honest reviews. We are a farm to table cbd company. We grow, process, and manufacture our products. If your interested let me know how we get in contact? (Dont want to leave my spam here)

  9. I was doing some research and watching some videos.. I’m a current subscriber and I’m very surprised I found your video lol anyway can you do an updated video! I know you have a baby now do you still use CBD oil? Has it changed anything? Love your videos!! ❤️

  10. HI, I have a brand that I have been using and they are the best compared to others that I have tried they are a Premium Brand that provides tincture oil up to 3000mg amongst many other pain relieving products that have utterly changed my life. I love them and advocate for because of their premium quality, they are 100% organic have vegan, gluten free, THC Free and Non GMO products their products go to 3rd party testing twice to confirm that it meets legal limits of the Farm Bill and can maintain the 100% Organic Industrial Hemp Stamp that they have. I wanted to share them with you in hopes that it helps you more for you pain I currently use the Tincture, Warming Salve & the pain patches and they have literally made my life so much more at ease. They have a full range of CBD products from Skin Care, Oils, Topicals, Pet, Edibles and Bath products in Broad & Full Spectrum. The company is SixSix CBD and their site is sixsixcbd.com if you decide to purchase I want to share a $10 off code with you if you spend $150 or more the code is SIXTEN its for 1st time customers. I hope it helps you like it has helped relieve me of my chronic back, neck and shoulder pain & low energy due to Hyperthyroidism that I suffer from also. They receive nothing but 5 stars and positive reviews which I am definitely one of them. Hope it helps you Be Blessed.

  11. This is like the 4th time in a year I watch this I have chronic pain and have been on opioids for like 3 years … I’m honestly considering it and hoping it helps … Nikki is a modern day hippie.. I love it

  12. YES I SO AGREE WITH YOU. CANNABIS IS A PLANT!!!!! like…wayyyy better than the medication were given. cannabis seriously is so good for you like you said our bodies are supposed to take in cannabinoid properties!!!!

  13. Wow! You sound like you were in a Motorcycle accident like Me & EVEL KNIEVEL. My heart goes out to you. Chronic Pain is HELL ON EARTH . I'm looking for alternative ways of Relief . Thank you for INFO. You look Amazing for what you have been through. GOOD VIBES 🦉

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