CBD For Pain, Anxiety or Stress? | Dr. Ian Smith

Do CBD products work for pain relief? Physician Dr. Ian Smith weighs in.


  1. There was a ton of Good info on the basics of CBD. Dr Ian was spot on with quite a few of the topics surrounding the industry. It’s a confusing space with a lot of regulating being mapped out as the industry continues to grow. We started as an educational shop to help navigate these issues with consumers 2 years ago and concentrated on being the Transparency the Industry and consumers deserved. @Rachael Ray you should interview @Racheal Quinn Of Your CBD Stores and awesome how our super woman created the Largest Brick and Mortar CBD Retail Company in the World with over 600 stores in just 2 years. Not a Plug just a great story… we started as consumers and became the Cinderella story because of our passion to help people (and Ourselves) ❤️ @Your CBD Store


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