Capitol Report After Hours: Marijuana Legalization in Connecticut

This week on Capitol Report After Hours, the panel talks about the legalization of recreational marijuana with Sam Tracy, Director of the Connecticut Coalition to …


  1. Who is the braindead parrot/dolt in the orange tie on the right? Is he too stupid to understand the basics of cannabis, or just another sellout moron who has financial incentive: campaign donations, straight up bribes, free pharma vacations? SEPARATE ISSUES. Too stupid to discuss anything logically. Embarrassed to live in the same state: you talentless wannabe journalists DO NOT speak for Ct residents and are too stupid and uninformed to be worth watching period. Hacks, second and third tier hacks.

  2. Look at the tax revenue out in Colorado there are school systems that have been saved scholarships have been started look at Israel and their medical marijuana program look at Uruguay Netherlands these countries have legalized drugs and the crime rate went down there gang activity is gone down it's good for the whole Community just by ending the war on drugs and using the money for better things education addiction help register and vote for better than this war

  3. I am proof cannabis is not evil monster drug . First of all no legal cannabis sellers want to sell it to kids . IDs are reguired . I smoke 2 to 3 joints a week for 30 years or more . I don't go to work hi ! I do not drive my car hi ! I am fit and healthy ! I work save and pay taxes . I have no criminal record . Say no more !

  4. lawmakers want marijuana legalized so they can make as much money as they can off of kids until they become splatered all over the street dead in a car wreck because the high on marijuana driver was too busy laughing it up with their freinds in the car instead of paying attention to the road. Those that are responsible for legalizing marajuana dont care about our kids or their own kids. Its all about money. THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

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